Open Thread

I have a busy schedule at the moment due to some medical appointments. Yesterday it was my local doctor and I kind of let off a little bit of steam (to put it mildly) :). Today it was the dentist and tomorrow it is the optometrist. Next week I return to the dentist and in the long run this will be expensive but hope I can avoid having to use a CPAP machine!!  Oh yeah, that is another appointment of two more that I need to make.

Folks have any of you needed to fire a doctor because of the way that he or she has behaved? I am talking about ego and arrogance here, nothing more. It started last year when I went to see this guy, and I needed a replacement specialist because I have moved from Canberra. This man was so arrogant that he claimed, without any examination that my previous doctor was wrong in his diagnosis. He never even had the courtesy to request the doctor notes!! He did not order any x-rays. He did not order a bone scan. He did poke at my chest and a few other spots. On top of that the story he sent to my doctor is not an accurate description of what took place at any of the appointments. He changed my medication, and as a result I have noted that an indicator that had been coming down has begun to rise again…. smart move…..

So, I had it out with my GP yesterday. I asked to be sent for a second opinion and at least there are now a few more specialists in this area.

Today at the dentist I discussed something that I had been bringing up which relates to TMJ. Well, guess what, some of my complaints are in fact TMJ related.

The better news for me is that Lyrica is now on our govt free list meaning I pay a lot less for the item and now I can go back on it again. This should relieve some of the other issues that relate to neuropathic pain.

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