The Australian fraud

Michael Smith News came about because Juliar Gillard made sure that Michael did not have a job. It is more complex that the statement I have made because Michael has been a jack of all trades, including being in the Victorian Police Force during the 1980s. He knew the mass murderer Julian Knight personally.  Michael’s investigative skills are some of the best that I have ever seen. He is very thorough in what he is investigating. At the time that Michael decided to resign from radio, he was wanting to do a story about an affadavit from Bob Kernohan, a person who knew something of the AWU scandal. Bob (who is in fact a lovely man), was an official in the AWU and he saw something that pin-pointed that the AWU or at least Bruce Wilson had paid for renovations to the residence of Juliar Gillard. Someone had come looking for money and Bob was a witness.

At the time that Michael Smith resigned from the radio, another intrepid reporter by the name of Glenn Milne had also published a story about the same affair. Well, that bitch hit the roof. She got on the phone and she cursed out the head of Murdoch Press over the publicatin of that story. Her beef was the use of the word “Trust” instead of “Slush”.  Glenn Milne, who is also a very good reporter, and I continue to miss him being a journalist, was sacked from his job. Michael resigned and he began Michael Smith News.

Since that time Michael has been very busy and he got in touch with Ralph Blewitt, asked him lots and lots of questions. In the end, after it was revealed that Wilson had done a deal that allowed asbestos to be dumped in some road works in Victoria, Ralph decided that it was time to come clean. He made the decision to go to the Victorian police and to make a statement. Doing this contains risks for Ralph because he has not been granted immunity from prosecution.

At the same time, Michael Smith made a complaint to the Victorian Police that is related to the purchase of a property in Fitzroy under Ralph Blewitt’s name. The complaint involved the probably fraud related to the Power of Attorney. This is being fully investigated by the Victorian Police Squad.

I am a long time reader and commenter at the blog MichaelSmithNews. There are hundreds of professional people who read the blog on a daily basis. Some of them have made very generous contributions to the site – in both terms of money and their own expertise. One of those is Dr. John Laurens, FCPA who is a forensic accountant. There is another who is a judge in the Australian court system. I know his identity, and he is one of the best jurists in Australia. His opinions are very weighty. What he has contributed in the form of expertise is breath-taking because of the analysis that he has provided based upon the facts as they have been presented.

The issues regarding Gillard are both ethical and professional. Those issues also go to the heart of how she had performed as Prime Minister, especially her backing of certain sleazy MPs. Never in my lifetime had I seen MPs remain in certain positions, or even in the Parliament after they have been discovered to have been involved in wrong doing. This comment applies to both Peter Slipper who is the true misogynist and to Craig Thomson, who used union money to pay for prostitutes.

This story is not finished even though Gillard is no longer PM. I hope she sticks to her challenge and resigns totally from the Parliament – that is she will not stand when we finally have an election.

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