I am going to bore you with my medical history

I want to be very clear on the point that I am making and why I think it is important to understand something about George Zimmerman’s medical history. It is something that hit me in the face when I first saw his medical report, and it is something that I have experienced first hand. It is my view that the woman who saw GZ the day after his injuries is not exactly competent and I think that for a few reasons. However, I am going to hone in on one thing which is something I seem to have in common with GZ. It is the SI joint injury. He had inflammation in the SI joint prior to the attack and that is in his medical record. In fact GZ was on glucosamine which is very odd for a 28 year old.

So here goes with my story and how I ended up with SI joint injury. It starts when I was 22 years old, and was newly engaged. At the time I was in the RAAF at Officer Training School and living in Air Force accommodation. The female officers were living in quarters in the Officers Mess. I had breakfast, went back to my room, and I think I had to give an iron to my fiance (my husband), and then proceeded to go down the stairs. However, I slipped on the carpet and fell down the stairs, hurting my butt and lower back at the same time. I continued to the bus that was to take us to the school, and it was hurting to sit down. I was excused to go for medical treatment and of course had to travel to the office where the medical officer presided. There were no x-rays taken at the time. It was mentioned but ignored by myself and the medical officer. At the time of the injury I could not sit, stand, lie in bed or anything. It was sheer hell from the pain. I was given Ibuprofen which had the name Brufen at the time. It was not until December that I learned that I had fractured my coccyx and had a dislocation as well. It was not until December that x-rays were taken to have a look at my injury. On top of that when we went for our bivouac I experienced a sharp pain on the butt when I sat down. I am full of praise for the other trainee officer who gave up his bed to me so that I was somewhat comfortable. I am always in his debt.

To cut my medical history short, it took a long time to get over the injury superficially at least. I went on to have 3 children and they were somewhat difficult births. During the last birth process I was offered an epidural procedure and it was taking place when I told them I was going to push and indeed I did push and out he came!!  However, I put a lot of strain on my lower back and could barely get out of bed at the time.

Thirty years later, but this time in November, I was walking around the swimming pool at our residence in Castle Hill, NSW. (we sold that place). I squatted down to test the water, and I lost balance and started to fall into the water. I tried to correct the situation and then I slammed my butt and back into the edge of the swimming pool. Oh my it hurt a lot. I was home alone when that happened. The only witnesses to the incident were Ruby the dog, and Skittles the cat. Both of them came over to have a look, sniffed and walked away. I managed to get up off the ground. I called the medical centre and my doctor happened to be there. Since it was a Saturday, and one can simply go and wait, I changed clothes, got in the car and went to see my doctor. The staff decided to allow me to wait in a room that was not been used so that I would not have to sit on my very sore butt. As I waited I pondered the reaction from my doctor when I told him what had happened, and yes I was correct, because he laughed when I told him about it.  (I hope you are also laughing about how it happened).

A few days after the accident I had the biggest bruise on the left side of my butt that I have ever seen. It was a beauty!!  Alas I did not take a photo of that bruise to brag about it.

The fact is that this kind of injury is extremely painful. In later years it can be a contributory cause for arthritis in that region. My bone density scan a few years ago actually proved the nature of my injury and that I do in fact have arthritis in the SI joint.

However, it should be noted that inflammation of the SI joint, especially in males, and especially when there is no history of injury could be an indication of another form of arthritis that is known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. George’s medical history indicates that something was happening in that region prior to the injuries that he sustained. The fall on George’s back no doubt would have caused inflammation in the SI joint which is what this medical witness has stated. My point is that he already had inflammation in that region. He had the insomnia etc that probably pertains to the inflammation in that region.

With regard to my own history, I need to add a few more pertinent points. The first is, that I have constantly had problems when it comes to lying down in bed. I like to sleep on my side because it is more comfortable that way. Lately I have had a problem in one hip and leg. This is all associated with my own insomnia. Yes I have that too!!  Lying in bed for a long period of time can in fact be very painful, and it is mostly a problem on the right side of my body (which was the side I thought had hit the edge of the swimming pool even though bruising was on the other side of my body). When I get to sleep I wake up because of the pressure pain!!

When I take my own history into account, I can understand why George has insomnia. It more than likely is caused by whatever is happening with his SI joint. What has not come out is whether or not George had previously had an injury to his butt that cause this SI joint problem.

Personally, I would challenge that medical person as to whether or not this was more of an aggravation of an existing problem for George.

With regard to George, I would take into account the fact that he had a problem with his SI joint prior to the night that TM had king hit him. It is a factor because it would mean that his ability to run would be quite limited.

With regard to the history that I have outlined and the impact of my injuries, the second time I fractured my coccyx was worse than the first time. It meant that even speed bumps are something that I do not like very much and going over them seems to cause reverberations through my body, especially my butt. You have no idea what that has meant, especially when I was attending the church where they had speed bumps in the driveway, and then in Canberra they are speed bump crazy and I lived in a suburb where at the shopping centre on its approaches there were speed bumps. It hurts!! Ha, ha.

Let me give you one tiny insight with regards to what it all means to me. This morning, even though I had lots of sleep during the night, I have a sore leg. The stiffness has not gone away. Usually, as soon as I get up the feeling of pain goes away, but this morning, it was more difficult to get down the stairs in my home. My butt hurts too. I will note that we have been experiencing lots of rain.

I have given this history in a way I hope will bolster the innocence of George Zimmerman because I do not believe that he actually had the ability at the time to run as fast as claimed by the Persecution.

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  1. Feel along the spine for direct tenderness. Bony tenderness often means a fracture but could mean injury to attached ligaments. Gentle tapping or thumping along the spine with your finger tips or your palm is a good clue for a fracture, such as the compression fracture that commonly occurs by landing on your butt. Feel the muscles for tenderness or spasm.


    • Since the fracture is now quite old, it will show nothing at this point in time :). However, I can assure you that I continue to get spasm in the region, spreading out to my left hip.

      I know the pattern of the pain etc because of the first time it happened. with the second time it was that familiarity that told me it was fractured. The doctor did not order an x-ray to confirm that diagnosis. I think that the fact I could not sit upon my butt and had to lie down is sufficient proof of the nature of that injury.

      Indeed what was new happened to be the bruise, and boy it was a very big bruise on my left butt. I am proud of that bruise. I am just not sure why it bruised on the opposite side.

      It is because our memories are imperfect, that I cannot tell you if I did in fact slam into the edge on my right or left side, although I think it was the right, rather than the left. I continue to have a problem with my right, especially around the hip. To me that suggests some kind of ligament damage that has never resolved. It is not fibromyalgia!!