The Arab Spring in Winter has the chills – Egypt edition

It seems that Egyptians are not impressed with Morsi, or at least 22 million Egyptians are not happy with Morsi. The latest from Egypt is a demand that Morsi quits or there will be civil disobedience.

Now to me, it would be interesting to know more about these Egyptians that are suddenly protesting and wanting an end to the leadership of Morsi. One word of warning here: Mr. Potato Head, aka Baradei who has links to the Iranian leadership is making his own moves. I am not completely up on what is happening. I am not sure if Mr Potato Head is part of the Tamarod opposition, but Mr. Potato Head sees this as his opportunity to seize power. My current gut feel is that Mr. Potato Head would be worse than Morsi, and is even less trustworthy. I have seen his past credentials and I do think that he is trustworthy. An Islamist who shows his real credentials is better than the sneaky Morsi or Mr. Potato Head.


Check out this post from Atlas Shrugs. There are Egyptians who do not go along with the terrorism of Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis. Interesting. These are the first anti-Obama signs in Egypt that really mean something.


3 responses to “The Arab Spring in Winter has the chills – Egypt edition

  1. You wanna take bets?

    What do you think this trial is about?

    1. Legal Justice

    2. Social Justice

    I would not like to be on that jury. Regardless of what is presented and “proved”, it would be hard to escape the feeling that the end result is totally in your hands. What would you rather do? What is the best practical outcome? Be responsible for incarcerating a single innocent man, or be responsible for countless deaths, injuries, and financial ruin to many people.

    Do you think Benjamin Crump and his malcontents will just say “thank you very much for your attention to the matter, and a fair trial” and just walk away?

    Do you think the riots will be contained to just Stanford Florida, or will there be sympathy and solidarity riots across the country?

    Will this be the straw that breaks the back of a beast that has been a long time coming?

    Whose side will B. Hussein “The Christian” Obama take? Will he do anything to salve the wound or will he pour salt in it?

    So many questions.


    • If you are talking about the Zimmerman trial, then it is about some kind of social justice. It is not about justice.

      Will there be riots after the verdict? That depends upon how many of the ferals are bussed from other regions.

      Benjamin Crump is very likely to face charges over this matter.

      Barry Soretoro is not a Christian. He has never been a Christian. That should answer your question.


  2. Whoops – I see now that I obviously posted this under the wrong topic. In case you could not tell, this is about Trayvon and George.