The China edition

It is not often that I see news relating to China and its Uigher population. However, this report caught my attention.

The Chinese Uigher are an ethnic minority in China. They are Muslim. Surprise, surprise. They want an independent region to be known as  East Turkestan.

There have been conflicts in the region where the Uighers live. It is very rare for these conflicts to be reported in Western papers.

China is pointing the finger at the Syrian opposition forces for training the Uighers in combat.

In the past China has blamed Pakistan for the unrest.

I need to point out here that this situation is typical where Muslims are in fact a minority. In this particular case it could be argued that the Chinese government has in fact been oppressing the Uigher Muslim minority. On the other hand……. give them an inch and they will want to take a mile.


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