The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 32.4: Conjuring Racism

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Regular readers will recall that I have not, in any substantive way, addressed the issue of race in the Trayvon Martin case.  I have addressed it only to note that there is no evidence whatever to suggest that race is involved, quite the opposite.  However, the proponents of The Narrative have labored mightily to conjure racism out of thin air.

NBC News ended up firing a number of employees, arguably including the boss, after it was revealed that they tried to make George Zimmerman look like a racist by selectively editing his call to the Sanford Police.  CNN had to retract its hysterical reports that Zimmerman called Martin a “fucking coon” when its own experts revealed that Zimmerman actually muttered under his breath–in a cruel and unprovoked attack on Florida weather–“it’s fucking cold.”  The FBI, no doubt at the direction of Attorney General Eric Holder–he who called Americans…

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