A quick short note – I just remembered something

I have been reading at Jeralyn’s site when I saw someone write a testimony about her mother’s death and that it had resulted from a fall that had caused brain injury. First of all, I must extend my sympathy to that person.
However, that is not what is on my mind, because this person triggered another memory. My husband’s grandmother died as a result of a fall. She fell against our cars that had been placed in the garage at her house because my husband had been posted to the USA.  I do not know all of the details or at least they are hazy right now because this accident happened in 1984 and we got word of her death just after we arrived in the USA.

The fact is that this is yet another accident where there was a head injury involved.

Head injuries can be lethal and should never be minimized. I say this for all of the people who are following the Zimmerman case.


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