You got it

There is a saying “words mean things”.  That saying is truth and especially when parsing what a dying person said, or was purported to have said.

In the Zimmerman case, there is one phrase that I consider to be very important at least as far as the defense is concerned. It is the words of Trayvon Martin as he lay dying on the ground. Did TM say “you got it” or did he say “you got me”? If it was the former, then George Zimmerman’s account is an indictment of Trayvon Martin.

I am accepting that Trayvon Martin did say “you got it” and I want to slightly explore what was meant here.  Let that phrase sink in for a minute “YOU GOT IT”.  Do you know what that means? Well, I think it means that Trayvon was reaching for the gun, exactly as claimed by George Zimmerman in his later statements.

If Trayvon Martin said “You got it”, then that is proof positive that TM saw the gun and he said exactly what George claimed, and that he was reaching for the gun just as George claimed. It was the moment when we heard the most blood-curdling screams for help by George Zimmerman. That was the moment when TM started to reach for the gun, and it was the moment when George moved himself to pin TM’s arm and then to get the gun and shoot TM.

If this is exactly what happened, then the State has no case with regard to murder 2. There is no intention to kill anyone. George never intended to use that gun during that struggle. He never intended to get the gun as he was lying on the ground being beaten to a pulp. It was only in the moment when his shirt rose and the gun holster was discovered, that TM even knew that George had a gun. Then came the threat that was whispered to George : Tonight you die motherfucker. That is the most terrifying moment for George, and he lets out the blood-curdling call for help. No one comes to his assistance. Only John Good does anything and that was simply to tell TM to get off his victim.



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