The Egypt edition – how’s that Arab Spring working out?

When the Egyptian left-wing decided to overthrow Muburak they probably never thought that they would be so successful. The fact that their lust for power would show them to be the foolish ones never crossed their minds. Egypt went from being a semi-secular country to one that was being frightened by the influence of Muslim Brotherhood.

It must be explained that Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (where they began btw) had wheedled their way into the hearts of the ignorant peasants who would be the ones to vote Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood into power. I suspect that most of these people thought of Muslim Brotherhood as being benign. At the same time nobody though that Morsi would turn out to be an Islamist in the making. I say this because Morsi waited an extended period of time before doing things like appointing extremists into positions of power. All words uttered by Morsi are weasel words.

Now that we have reached the one year anniversary of the reign of terror of the Morsi Presidency, the left wing are at it again. Only this time they have a petition with more than 20 million signatures demanding the end of the reign of Morsi. What this really means is that the Coptic Christians of Egypt might have woken up to the truth about Morsi. They were better off under Muburak, even though they had suffered during that time as well.

Enter the Egyptian Army and enter Mr. Potato Head aka al-Baradei. As you can see from my sarcasm I do not respect al-Baradei. He is as bad, if not worse, than Morsi. He remains behind the scenes so that he is not revealing his true self. Al-Baradei will continue what Morsi has started. He is as much a danger to Israel as he is to Coptic Christians.

There are many questions to be asked about Morsi in particular. Some of those questions include rumours surrounding the siege at the US consulate in Benghazi. Is it true that Morsi sent people to participate in that seige? If it is true, then was there another angle as to why the seige happened in the first place. On that note it remains my belief that there were Egyptians involved, specifically, there is one Egyptian who had been held in prison by Muburak, who was very likely the leader of the whole thing. I add, that this Egyptian was a member of Al Qaeda and that he was trying to get himself credentialled with regard to leadership aspirations. Yes, there were some locals involved, and that involvement has forced mud to be slung at others who were always doing the right thing. I cannot prove my assertions but I am putting them out there anyway. I have never bought into those rumours about that seige and the death of the US Ambassador because they are simply too glib.  On the other hand Ansar al-Shariah most definitely played a role in what took place.

Egypt is not Libya and Libya is not Egypt. If I was to compare the outcome in both those countries, I would still say that Libya is in fact more stable, and less volatile, despite the current situation. This is because of the observable shadows in Egypt.  Who will emerge out of the shadows? Libya remains a dangerous country, and I hear that there are travel warnings in place. Tripoli has been turning as violent as Benghazi in recent weeks. Is that a good or a bad thing? I do not know, and yes I expect a civil war to break out in Libya.  However, back to Egypt.

If Morsi refuses to go, then the Egyptian Army will step in. This will lead to some condemnation of the Egyptian Army, especially condemnation from Europe. However, I think that it is a good thing if the Egyptian Army can succeed in walking back some of the things done by Morsi in the name of Islam.


2 responses to “The Egypt edition – how’s that Arab Spring working out?

  1. Highly Inspirational?

    A country elects a terrible, worthless, and even hostile leader.

    Persistent evidence of widespread fraud.

    Ran as a candidate as a uniter, proved to be a divider.

    Ran as a moderate, governs as an extremist.

    Ran as a man of the people, governs as a tyrant.

    Ran as forward leaping, but set country back to ‘dark ages’.

    Lies every time he opens his mouth.

    Government is claimed to be transparent, but is very closed and tight.

    Rampant cronyism, and surrounds self with undesirables.

    Confuses and intertwines politics and religion.

    Undervalues, undermines, and pisses off military

    People and military rise up and toss the SOB.

    Yes, I find that highly inspirational.

    Hope it is contagious everywhere such conditions exist.


    • This time I believe in the Egyptian revolution because this time it was not the work of the Marxists in Egypt. It was a rising of the people who had enough of the man who lied to them.