Thread #3 – Day 17 (Week #4) Zimmerman Trial – Witness Discussion Thread

I have to reblog this one because of the comments relating to the testimony of an incompetent Indian doctor.

I live in Australia. In this country there are people who die from falls associated with hitting their heads.
My husband’s grandmother died (a few days later in hospital) as a result of a fall when she hit her head on our cars that were in her garage. My very loved late uncle had head injuries that gave him a permanent disability. Junior footballers have died from head injuries. I hear it over and over again.

However, what is important here is that I have also fallen and landed face down on concrete. I have also fallen and hit the back of my head on a brick wall (that time I actually ended up with shoulder bursitis!!). I have fallen and hurt that particular shoulder in a prior fall. When I fell and hit my face to the concrete I ended up with scrapes over my forehead that were bleeding. I found a towel and applied cold water to my face. That night it was stinging, a lot and I barely slept. The next morning, I had a black eye. My fall and wounds were not critical. I am just explaining how easy it is to end up with injury. I will point out that I experienced concussion as a little girl when we were involved in a near-fatal car crash.

I will also point out what happened to my sister when she was punched in the face. I saw the bruises up close and personal. She was lucky. However, the former cricketer, David Hookes was not so lucky. The punch that he took caused him to lose his life!!

The testimony of this woman is an absolute disgrace.


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