Egypt and Morsi do not mix

Hey, I am not responsible for that statement!!  It was on the banners in Tahrir Square. Obviously the Egyptian Army agreed with the sentiment because the Army has in fact overthrown Morsi and has installed a little known judge from their Supreme Court as leader. At the same time the Constitution being worked on by Morsi has been suspended.

Who would have thought that the Egyptian Army would have intervened one year after Morsi was installed as President of Egypt? At least some would not have thought it was possible for something like that to happen.

However, Muburak was a member of the Armed Services of Egypt when he came to power after Sadat was assassinated, and ever since the 1950s the Egyptian Army had some kind of control in Egypt. It was the Army that threw out Muburak. It was Morsi who went through the army like a dose of salts. He most likely never thought that the army had sufficient power to overthrow him.  If that is the case…. he was wrong.

Note, however, that Mr. Potato Head or Elbaradei to you, is there and is on hand. Elbaradei was not elected to power and I dare say he was unhappy that he was overlooked. Muslim Brotherhood has a very strong following in Egypt because of their charitable works. I do not trust Elbaradei at all.

With regard to this coup, I think that Morsi made some huge errors and that it was only a matter of time before the army took over. First, there is the way in which the Copts had been treated. During the period after Muburak had been deposed, the army had attempted to right some of the wrongs against the Copts. When a particular church was destroyed, it was Muslims who rebuilt that church.  It does not mean that the army is Pro-Copt but it did mean that they were prepared to treat the Copts a little bit better. Second, Morsi began appointing extremist Islamists to governorships, including for the Luxor region. That appointment was a very bad move and it had a lot of people extremely upset.

The grassroots movement this time was not a product of the Left but it truly was a grassroots Egyptian movement. The people who came out against Morsi were people who did not voice their opinion during the Arab Spring, yet some of those who were in opposition were certainly involved in the initial demonstration.

For the people involved in the grassroots movement it was all about the economy. In fact, the economy seemed to be the main theme when Muburak was overthrown. Just like Muburak, Morsi was all about accumulating power for himself, and he had no regard for the actual state of Egypt.

It is going to be interesting times ahead with regard to Egypt. Already, Asshat from Syria has condemned the Army coup. Maybe he fears that the Syrian army could take a leaf out of the Egyptian army’s book… but maybe not….

I do want to address something here that I feel ties into the consulate siege in Libya. Do I think that there was a Morsi connection? Well, I am still not convinced that the rumors on this matter are factual. That being said, I think that there is evidence that Egypt was involved in the siege. At the very least the leader of the siege was from Egypt. However, there is some incriminating evidence that could point a finger at the duplicity of Morsi. Specifically, it is the showing of that trailer for a C grade documentary on Egyptian TV with Arabic sub-titles that could have said anything. Even the voiceovers were dubbed and could have said stuff that was entirely different from the actual trailer (which is what I still think and believe). If that is the case, then I believe that a case can be made against Morsi on the grounds that his government allowed the Muslim imam to air that trailer with the intention of creating a situation that would cause a riot.  There, it is possible that there was some kind of conspiracy regarding the whole matter, but I am not willing to cede that Morsi was directly involved, not unless the conspiracy was meant to lead to the blind sheik being returned to Egypt. I saw snippets of information that could lead me to believe that someone was intending to use the situation to cause the release of the blind sheik from prison. Fortunately that did not happen. It leaves open the possibility that yes there was a much bigger conspiracy that involves the leadership of the Democrat Party.


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