The Chamberlain case and tainted DNA – it matters

This is not the first time that I have mentioned the case that the Northern Territory here in Australia ginned up against Lindy Chamberlain when her daughter Azaria went missing.

To refresh your memory, Azaria was taken to the tent by her mother because she was ready for a sleep. Lindy returned to the campsite fire and she apparently turned and noticed that dogs had been near their tent. Note, I said dogs here because dingoes are in fact a wild Australian dog. The cry from Lindy was “A dingo has got my baby”. Lindy was surrounded by the witnesses who were at the camp site. I had contact with one of those witnesses, and I swear that she is an honest woman.

Despite the hunt for the missing baby (and who knows if one of the trackers found her and then hid her body), the rumors began that Lindy Chamberlain must have killed her child. People reported the Chamberlains because they sent the tent equipment to the dry cleaners. This was duly reported to the police. One policeman, you could call him the Chris Serino of the NT police did not accept the dingo story and so he began looking for evidence that this was an elaborate plot for a murder.

The rumor at the time was that the Chamberlains, being 7th Day Adventists had decided to sacrifice their baby for whatever reason (I have no idea what the reason might have been because baby sacrifices are not part of the tenets of the SDA religion). Some claimed that Lindy had dressed her baby in black and it was for this reason that the baby had been marked for sacrifice. Yes, it is true, this is what was reported in the Press at the time that Azaria disappeared.

One day the police arrived and impounded the Chamberlain car. I am not sure if they also took the baby gear or the tent equipment. They then took samples from within the car. The purpose of the samples was to prove that Azaria’s throat had been cut inside the car. A forensic pathologist by the name of Joyce Kuhl then took these samples taken from the car to conduct tests. She claimed that the tests were positive for foetal blood. This was the basis on which Lindy Chamberlain was charged with the murder of her daughter – a murder that she did not commit (and I never believed that it was murder).

The trial by judge and jury was a joke. This was an extremely highly charged trial, just like in the Zimmerman trial. Despite the evidence to the contrary, the jury returned a verdict of guilty. I was stunned over that verdict because it simply was not true.

It is just too bad, that the batch of stuff used by the forensic pathologist to determine that the sample was foetal blood was in fact defective. YES, did you get that, it was in fact a defective batch. What was worse was the fact that Joyce Kuhl, the forensic pathologist who should have known better, destroyed the plates on which the samples had been placed prior to the commencement of the trial. In other words she was covering herself.  It turned out that the material from the car was NOT foetal blood but it was sound deadener. I thought that some of the material turned out to be coca cola. So there you have it, Lindy Chamberlain was convicted as a result of false evidence against her. Joyce Kuhl was rewarded with a job in the Northern Territory for her efforts to help lock up this criminal mother who had placed her baby in a tent, leaving the baby to the dingoes that had been roaming around the camp.

My point about repeating this story happens to be that I am impressed with the evidence given by the DNA expert in the Zimmerman case. I am impressed because he has been so very precise in explaining how the DNA was contaminated. The Persecution in that case have been claiming that no DNA on the gun used to kill Trayvon Martin is evidence that the killer was lying…. but wait a minute… did you hear about how the gun was handled? Then we get to the clothing of Trayvon Martin, only to discover that the DNA on the clothing had also been contaminated… oops. On the other hand, we heard that George’s DNA was under Trayvon’s fingernails. I wonder how that happened. Nearly all of that DNA evidence does in fact support the claims made by the defense in this case. Oh my!!

However, what is extraordinary is that the Persecution of George Zimmerman brought to the stand an Indian woman who is not fit to whole a licence to practice medicine, but who is the Medical Examiner in Jacksonville. She did not do the autopsy of Trayvon Martin. She is an expert in nothing. Yet she got up on the stand and pontificated that the injuries sustained by George were not life threatening. She had made this judgment based upon poor resolution photographs. She had not seen the high resolution photographs and clearly she either had no idea, or she was paid to lie her head off.

Please refer to the Chamberlain case in trying to work out the value of placing an incompetent such as Valerie Rao on the stand.


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