The search for Maddie

I have been following the case of the disappearance of Madelaine McCann from the time it hit the headlines. The little girl was taken from her room and the Portuguese police claimed that her mother had killed her.

This is yet another case of bungling. It has similar elements to what we have seen in the Zimmerman case, and I might add in the Azaria Chamberlain case, especially in relation to forensic analysis.

The Portuguese closed the case. They were never interested in following up with the idea of other suspects. They concentrated on the parents, who were eating with friends at a nearby restaraunt when Maddie disappeared.

Scotland yard took up the case and they have reviewed all of the evidence over a period of two years. They have now identified 36 suspects. None of them are the friends and the parents of Madelaine McCann.

Monumental stuff-ups happen all over the world it seems, but in murder cases and in the disappearance of children the kind of stuff ups that took place, by the Portuguese police are in fact unforgiveable.  When those stuff ups lead to blame being placed on innocent persons such as in the Chamberlain case, it is also very unforgiveable. Using a “witness” who had nothing to do with a case for the purpose of proclaiming that injuries are minor, but only using poor quality photographs such as done with Valerie Rao the alleged doctor and alleged ME, is not only insanity, it is a crime!!


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