Have you ever seen anything like it?

No, this is not about Egypt. It is not about Australia and the corrupt politicians in our midst (that is another long story). This is about “The State of Florida vs. Zimmerman”.

Before I get into comments on the last day of the Persecution case, I want to mention a case from several years ago that occurred in Sydney. The case itself is really weird.  The reason for mentioning the case, is that the sister of one of the murderers is now up on charges for attempting to murder her boyfriend. What is so very eerie is that the way she stabbed her boyfriend had remarkable similarities to the method of stabbing one of the three murder victims. One of the murder victims is her father, and it was her brother’s friend Schrieber who sneaked into the house and murdered him with an axe. The other two murders were gruesome and they were committed by her brother.

What I have to tell you right now concerns the name of one of the murder victims because his name is the same as my husband. It is probable that the man was a cousin of some sort. What I have to relate though, is a phone call that I received prior to those murders taking place. Somebody tried to make contact, it was a young male, claiming to know my husband or at least a man with the same name. I stated that it was not him (not possible because my husband was in the Air Force and we moved around). I thought it was strange, thought no more of that phone call until that murder took place. The odd thing about the situation though is that the murderer lived not very far from his victim. It made no sense to me that someone was looking for a man with that name, per the phone call that I took, and yet live so close to his victim.  At the time that the murders took place it was alleged that one of the victims was a Chester (child molester). He was about to be arrested in relation to child molestation charges. There was talk that the three men were in a child sex abuse ring. This was never proved.  Interesting. I hope to read more about the whole thing in the press.

Now, on to the Zimmerman farce. As expected, the intellectual giant Debbie Nelson denied the motion to acquit based upon the lack of evidence for the persecution. I have no idea what she found compelling in what has been heard to date. The presentation by the Persecution team has been an absolute disaster. This is especially true of the Chinese M.E. Shiping Bao.

If we thought that Valerie Rao was over the top with her alleged expertise, then we should have been ready for this man. He expressed many opinions, especially about whether or not Trayvon Martin felt pain in the few minutes prior to his death. The Defense does not dispute that possibility at all, because of the way that Martin moved his hands to his chest prior to dying.

However, the real issue of the Bao testimony is his notes. Have you seen anything like it in your life? Have you ever seen an M.E. witness on the stand referring to his notes like that? Have you ever seen a witness refusing to hand over the notes? The witness was an absolute train wreck. It is more than likely that he was primed by someone, either BDLR or the Chump to make certain statements. His hostility towards the Defense was not necessary, and he tried to do the “I do not remember 2 step”. He failed miserably in his task.

When the movie for this farce gets made, then I suggest that Richard Geere gets to play Don West. The movie needs to be in the form of a musical like Chicago, and Richard Geere can get to play his great lawyer role again, complete with the dancing and the spin. I add here that the spin is on the Persecution side of the table but the Defense in such a movie could also have a bit of the pizzaz that was found in the movie Chicago. Can you imagine how they could do a take on both Bao and Rao the Persecution M.E.s?  The State stuffed the investigation. The DNA samples were not collected correctly. Someone placed wet clothing in plastic instead of a paper bag. They did not bag Trayvon Martin’s hands. There is a very big list of errors, including the way that the gun was handled.  Did they both reach for the gun?


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