George Zimmerman, Hollow Points and Reality

Since I am not a gun owner I defer to others. There are some interesting points that have been made by Mike.

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The anti-gun movement has, over the years, provided substantial amusement—and aggravation–to those familiar with firearms and related terminology. However, that amusement has virtually always been tempered by the fact that their ignorance usually results from an attempt to deceive, and through deception, take our most fundamental liberties. 

The George Zimmerman trial, currently underway in Sanford, Florida, provides yet another example of the misuse of fact and accurate language.  As I noted in Update 32.5 of the Zimmerman series of articles, prosecutor Rich Mantei and his fellows have tried to grossly mislead the public into believing that carrying semiautomatic handguns as they are designed to be carried—magazine fully loaded and a round in the chamber—is somehow negligent, dangerous and criminal.  Mantei has also suggested that hollow point ammunition is also somehow evil.  Mantei is obviously trying to manipulate fact and perception to obtain an unlawful conviction, but such a conviction would set…

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2 responses to “George Zimmerman, Hollow Points and Reality

  1. As you may recall, I am not only a gun user and collector, but a certified instructor. I pride myself in keeping abreast of things and being an expert. This guy’s article is top notch.

    One key issue is that not many years ago a gun owner had to study the various ammunition types and then choose the ammunition and bullets based on technical characteristics. For instance, a box of ammo might be labeled .45cal, 230gr, FMJ. Or it might say HP or LRN instead of FMJ, etc. While that information is still critical and printed on the box, a lot of commercial ammo is now labeled for it’s intended purpose. It may have a designation as to suitability for varmints, deer, elk, dangerous game, etc. The most interesting designations are things like “personal defense”, “critical defense”, etc. that are made especially for self-defense purposes. Therefore, the savvy user simply buys the ammo designated for a specified purpose. He does not speculate about bullet hole sizes, goriness of the death, etc.

    Another key issue as to why all such self-defense ammo is predominately hollow-point type construction: A big big worry for policeman and self-defense advocates is collateral damage. Some of it is training and not shooting into a crowd. But a big part is technology. If you shoot something (be it a rabbit, a moose, or a human assailant) you don’t want the bullet penetrating and escaping out the back side (or worse, being deflected off at some angle by a bone or gristle). FMJ bullets will routinely penetrate through and through, whereas HPs are usually stopped. This also applies to missed shots which then may or may not bounce off hard surfaces or may or may not penetrate walls and barriers.

    You see, it is really very simple and has nothing to do with the evil nature of the mind of the shooter.


    • Thank you so much for providing those extra comments.

      I am not a gun owner, and I never have been one. That does not mean that I am insensitive to your rights to own guns. If anything I believe it is an inherent right.