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I am taking this comment from another site (I am not going to link to that site):

froggielegs says:

“Also ask this: Why would Rachel Jeantel sign a “personal letter” with a pseudonym (Diamond Eugene) if she planned to hand deliver it to $ybrina?”

According to her testimony on the stand, she had no intentions of delivering the letter to $ybrina but in fact was going to have her friend Francine who is a friend of $ybrina’s, deliver it to her.

“Was Rachel Jeantel trying to conceal her true name, age and identity from $ybrina on 3/19, thinking that $ybrina would just “leave it at that”? Highly unlikely, since Rachel has already said that Tracy had *already* asked her to speak to his attorney, right?”

I do not think Rachel really wanted to play in any part of this but was forced into it. Remember she said she told her mother she didn’t want to talk to $ybrina or Crump and her mother is the one who set up those meetings. I think once $ybrina had Rachel’s mother on the phone alone, she used her housing authority job to threaten Rachel’s Mom and that is the only reason Rachel ended up where she is today. 

I use to think Trayvon’s parents were being used by Crump but my thought has changed. I think $ybrina is running the show with the help of Crump. Many may not agree with me on this but, when I see both parents cry, the only one who’s tears seem real are Tracy’s. When certain things are said and shown in court regarding Trayvon’s body, watch when they pan to the parents. It is only Tracy who shows emotion. $ybrina sits there so detached from it all.  Like she is saying to herself, come on people let’s get this over and done with so I can get me some civil suits going.

This could also be why everything is in her name!

I do in fact agree with froggie legs. I have not been watching the testimony in the case, but faces and face shots tell a lot about the way that people think. Froggie legs is right in that $$ybrina has been sitting there with a dead pan look, whereas Tracy has been shown to have some emotion.

Even last year when Tracy was first interviewed, he showed some emotion. This was his son. He did not do enough to save his son from himself. However, it seems that $$ybrina does not care one little bit about her son.

Getting on the stand, her response sounded clinical. What mother refers to her son in that way?  Well I can tell you, if I do to their faces it is along the lines of C B Aloysius O.  The Aloysius by the way is not even a part of his name!! If it is the youngest son, then it is something like “poohburger”, which is a variation on his initials. However, I cannot imagine getting up in court and giving the kind of clinical answer given by $$ybrina. It is unnatural for a so-called loving mother.



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