Fatty liver or signs of liver damage in Trayvon Martin

One of the aspects of the State of Florida vs Zimmerman is the fact that in the autopsy report there is mention that a 17 year old had liver damage.  This is something that I find to be very odd, especially in a 17 year old who was very fit. There are of course some explanations.

First of all, I am not an expert. Second, I have never heard of pot having an effect upon the liver such that it causes what is known as fatty liver. However, what I do know is that the liver can be damaged by an excess of alcohol as well as a drug known as acetimophen (sp) or what I know as Paracetamol (it is the same product and manufacturers of the headache pills get their supply from the same source TYCO – and yes I do know that as fact because I have worked for TYCO Health). in fact it really bothers me that there are no warnings about the harm that can be done due to overuse of Paracetamol.

So here is what I do know about liver damage: first of all, if you have too much paracetamol it is highly likely that you will end up with a fatty liver. Paracetamol is one cause of the condition. Second, if you drink too much alcohol you can end up with alcohol related fatty liver. These are known facts that are available via a Google search.

The question here is: how does that explain how a youth who has just turned 17 end up with damage to his liver and to his brain. There is a possible or probable explanation that involves the use of cough medicines to make something called Lean or Purple Drank. I am not at all familiar with this item. However, there are people who have explained how it is made and two of the ingredients are Skittles and Arizona Watermelon juice. Mountain Dew is also favoured by those who make this particular drug. The reason for calling it Lean is simply because the users do lean a lot.

  It is the cough medicine that is the issue here. According to evidence that will not be presented, that is Trayvon Martin’s Facebook page, he was a user of Lean. He saw it as an alternative to using Pot because he did not want to get sprung for being a Pot user.  Depending upon how often Trayvon Martin got high and the amount of cough medicine that was used, this is indeed the most logical means by which this youth ended up with some liver damage at his age.

How, you might ask could cough syrup, in particular the abuse of Nyquil or Robitussen cause liver damage? When such items are used as directed and for limited amount of time, then it is unlikely that liver damage will be caused. However, when this item is used for Lean or Purple Drank, the amount that is used is a lot higher than the regular dose. It is for this reason that this is a very likely source of liver damage, thus causing fatty liver.

Liver damage itself is a serious matter because it can lead to some very serious diseases, including cirrohsis and cancer of the liver. However, it seems that doctors do very little to bring it under control, or at least there is no current medication available to assist someone with fatty liver.

 One issue has come up for me and that relates solely to the fact that I take Methotrexate once a week. I need regular blood tests and sometimes my liver function test is a little bit high.  I do know for certain that drinking probably a little more than is allowable is simply not a good idea, especially because I am on a prescription for Methotrexate. The other issue for me happens to be my weight, and in that respect I have a lot of sympathy for George and his weight issues.

At least one other cause of fatty liver relates to diet, especially a diet high in fatty foods.  It is more than likely that obesity has an impact upon whether or not someone has a fatty liver.

To reiterate the points being made here: fatty liver can be caused for two main reasons (1) alcoholic fatty liver and (2) dietary fatty liver. The liver is also affected by medications such as paracetamol or methotrexate. These are only examples of some of the known causes of the disease. If fatty liver is caused because of diet this can be reversed through weigh loss and control of one’s diet.  Normally, fatty liver is seen in obese adults and I would suspect in obese sub-adults. However, it is far from normal for a teenager who is fit and healty to have a fatty liver. For this reason, there is a good reason to suspect that it could come from the abuse of cough medicine ergo one of the ingredients that makes Purple Drank.

The Mayo Clinic has some good information on the causes of fatty liver.  There are other sources on the internet, and please remember that Google is your friend.


4 responses to “Fatty liver or signs of liver damage in Trayvon Martin

  1. Lynn Atkinson

    lean=watermelon juice + skittles + cough syrup is the cause of the liver damage. So Trayvon that night had the skittles and watermelon juice-just lacking the cough syrup for his favorite drug that was destroying his liver. street drug-easy to make and destroys the liver fast.


    • Exactly correct.

      I do think that there is evidence that he was intending to make the Lean.

      Also, the evidence for damage to the liver does in fact indicate overuse of acetimophen.


  2. Impertinent question of the day:

    Suppose Zimmerman ‘walks’? And whether or not there are riots — How long to you think he will live on the streets?