The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 33: Backward!

Mike does it again with an excellent summary of the persecution of George Zimmerman

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The first full two days of the defense case (last Friday saw only two witnesses) provided the most compelling evidence yet that this case is entirely backward.  Bernie de la Rionda’s (hereinafter BDLR) cross-examination of Dr. Vincent DiMaio was particularly instructive as BDLR took on the role of a stereotypical sleazy defense attorney, misrepresenting evidence and furiously spinning to do anything to keep his fast-sinking case above water.  Likewise, the defense continued to appear to be upright and trustworthy, eliciting facts and credible testimony in support of the law.  More on this later.


Sandra Osterman, Zimmerman friend and wife of Mark Osterman:  When the Lauer 911 recording was played for her she said: “Definitely, it’s Georgie.”  Sandra made it clear the Ostermans and Zimmermans were close friends, which would tend to give greater credibility to her claim to recognize his voice.

On cross-examination, BDLR maintained his usual sarcastic…

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  1. Marquis Simon

    The expectations of a lengthy defense case, however, had been set following the mid-trial motions for a judgment of acquittal, during which the State ruthlessly twisted evidence and fabricated facts in their desperate efforts to avoid a JOA they richly deserved. In the several days since the defense case has simply brutalized what little of the State’s theory of the case had survived through last week. O’Mara may simply have decided that to continue to beat this dead horse would be counterproductive, in that it might begin to alienate a jury that has been sequestered since the start of the trial proper.