The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 33.2: The Defense Rests; The Prosecution Runs Headlong Into A Brick Wall

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I was about to write that the prosecution is probably thanking its lucky stars that it has a judge like Nelson on this case. But I suspect they knew that the minute she picked up the case when the original judge was removed for obvious anti-Zimmerman bias.  With a few exceptions, primarily decisions so clear in the law that she had no other choice than to grant defense motions, Nelson has demonstrated remarkable and blatant pro-prosecution bias.  Many of those egregiously foolish decisions may very well constitute reversible error should George Zimmerman be convicted, but taken as a whole they stagger the mind.

For example:Wednesday morning after her decidedly unjudicial behavior of the previous evening, Nelson excluded text messages and tweets from Trayvon Martin’s phone that are unquestionably related to this case and are, under case law, clearly allowable.  Tweets such as this:


In her frantic and nearly hysterical…

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