The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 34, The Prosecution Closing: What If?

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Child abuse?!  Child abuse.  That was the absolutely lunatic argument of the prosecution in the Zimmerman case in arguing for third degree murder as a lesser, included offense.  In Florida, that crime is essentially murder committed during the commission of a felony, and in this case, the prosecution argued that the felony is–child abuse.  Trayvon Martin, after all, was 17 when he died.  There is, of course, no evidence to support the contention of child abuse.  There was no testimony to prove it, and Zimmerman had no idea how old Martin was.

Don West’s argument, that the state planned this and sprung it on the defense today, giving them no time to research case law, is absolutely correct.  West called it a “trick,” which it surely is.  As usual, Judge Nelson ignored his arguments in her usual, testy manner.  However, Nelson eventually denied the prosecution’s request, citing–not surprisingly–the total…

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  1. I hope you noticed the horrible use of red that cannot be read on the blue background. I have new prescription glasses, and specifically to help with reading at the computer. The red, especially in the line “because a lawyer of a Hollywood screenwriter” is extremely had to read. If I take my glasses off it is simply not visible to me. Imagine what it would be like for the women in the jury when they tried reading those slides. Terrible.