Zimmerman Case: Missed opportunities and wrong lessons

An excellent post on this subject.

Justice For All

What happened on the night of February 26th, 2012 was a tragedy. It was a preventable tragedy,  that did not have to happen.  It did so now at the conclusion of a trial that should have never been brought to court, we examine what happened, the missed opportunities and what it says about our present society. 

I won’t go over the case, since the facts are out there for anyone to find, and digest.  I will instead speak of the missed opportunities that could have turn this preventable tragedy into something positive.  

I will start with Trayvon Martin‘s, hence forward TM, family.  No parent should have to deal with the death of his child, that is specially true under the circumstances that TM died.  It is a natural reaction to want the person who killed your child to pay for it.  Yet, as hard as it is we…

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