The Trayvon Martin Case, Update #35: NOT GUILTY!

I am delighted with the verdict. It is the only just verdict that could be reached given the circumstances of that night.

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It’s official: NOT GUILTY.  I’m going to wait for a day or two before posting a sort of final article on this phase of the story.  Why wait?  We need to allow the dust to settle and wait to see how many of our fellow citizens decide this is a particularly appropriate time for some purchase price free shopping for consumer electronics and similar goods.  We may be seeing quite a bit of the “conversation” about race so many have been hoping to have.

Keep in mind that this case is far from over.  As I’ve mentioned, I’ll expect the Federal Department of Justice to announce their attack on Zimmerman this coming week.  There will be a flurry of civil suits, filed not only by Zimmerman, but attempts by the Martin family, the scheme team and others.  And there is the continuing perjury case against Shellie Zimmerman.

For those who…

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