Verdict: George Zimmerman is not guilty.

Ever since the jury retired to consider its verdict, I have woken up, rushed to turn on the computer and been disappointed that the Jury was still deliberating. What is worse, being in Australia, most of the action happens overnight, my time.  This morning was no different from yesterday, and yet again I felt disappointment.  No decision had been reached.

As a Catholic we attend Mass every Sunday morning (the 8.00 am Mass, and yes please go cue the violins because it is winter over here). This morning I did the same as I did on other Sundays, praying at Mass for George Zimmerman and his family (and he is not related to me!!). This weekend the Gospel reading at Mass is on the Good Samaritan. It was an omen. I prayed for a just verdict. I knew that George was the Good Samaritan and that he was the one who would have picked up the man who had been beaten by bandits and taken him to the inn, yet on that fateful night it was George who had been beaten. After Mass we went to the shopping centre and had our usual cup of coffee. Then I was back on the computer looking for updates.

At first there was the anxiety that comes from learning that the jury had a question about manslaughter. They were asked for a more definite question. However, the jury did not ask another question, and about noon my time I saw what I was not expecting, a verdict. The jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of murder in the second degree and not guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter. It was time to breathe a sigh of relief for George and his family.

However, this saga is not over, not by a long shot. The race baiters want their pound of flesh. They are not finished with George Zimmerman. George is a free man. He no longer wears an ankle bracelet. I assume the bond money will be returned and he can use that money towards legal fees. Howevever, George’s life remains in danger.


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  1. You said: However, this saga is not over, not by a long shot.

    Here is a good review of what is forthcoming:

    Legal Insurrection also has a good discussion:

    I am wondering what the family can do to stay safe.


  2. Lynn Atkinson

    not only that but the jury of 6 women were being threatened with rape and murder should they turn in a politically incorrect verdict. and already “racist” isbeing applied to them.


    • I did not hear about that, but I can believe that it happened.

      The women held firm and good for them. They did the correct thing.