The Narrative is like a cat

I have just been reading a print copy of Murdoch’s Sydney Daily Telegraph. To be honest I am disappointed that the editors allowed a piece by Rene Stutzman to appear because the whole article consisted of the BGI narrative. This is disappointing and it means there is a lot of work to be done if we are going to have any impact at all. The new variation in the narrative is that the verdict is somehow going to be responsible for race riots, however, let’s turn that type of thinking on its head for a few minutes.

Whilst I do not have a copy of the article in front of me, I am bristling with rage because of how Rene Stutzman wrote that article. The stand out word was VIGILANTE and in the piece it was in big letters. This leaves Australians with a very wrong impression about George Zimmerman and the events of that night.

First of all, the word VIGILANTE is an extremely emotive word. It conjures up certain images, usually of KKK types riding on horses and with sheets on their heads with slits for the eyes, the nose and the mouth. It is the kind of word that suggests the person, in this case George was roaming the streets looking for a (yes I am going there) nigger to kill. If you are offended by my use of that word, then it is too bad, because I am using it in the context of the images that are conjured up by the use of the word VIGILANTE.  The word VIGILANTE in my opinion is extremely offensive when it is being used to describe what took place on the night that 17 year old Trayvon Martin was killed.

Second, Rene Stutzman continues to deceptively use the picture of a 12 year old “boy”, which is an image of the one who was not killed, which means that her article is deceiving the Australian public because, through the image of the 12 year old she is implying something that did not happen. The refusal of Stutzman to use the picture of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, a picture taken prior to his death is shameful in the extreme. It give such a false picture of that night that it is enough for me to want to write to the Zimmermans and tell them to add the Daily Telegraph to their list of media outlets that need to be sued, or at least add Rene Stutzman to the list because she continues to perpetuate the false story.

The whole article reeked of BGI fantasy. There was barely a word of truth in the whole of it. The article did not address what took place, and it did not address the fact that Rachel Jeantel had committed perjury. Neither did she address the fact that there was a witness who saw Trayvon Martin beating down on George Zimmerman.

It seems to me that all of us have work to do if we are going to be able to defeat this false narrative. We have work to do in defeating the deceptiveness of a complicit media when it comes to spreading a story that is simply not a representation of the real facts that night.


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  1. The narrative will never die, it won’t be allowed to die. It is to lucrative to too many people from politicians that use it garner votes, to businessman who use to garner favorable government contracts and to many in the African American community.

    According to a survey by Howard University 23 % of working AA’s work directly or through contractors for the government. Fully 25% of Democratic votes come from AA’s. With numbers like that the narrative will leave on and so will the divisions in the United States.


    • Then we all need to help it die.

      We need to direct concern where it is needed the most and that is when in fact people are falsely accused of a crime.


    • Totally agree, and perhaps this case illustrates that it is possible, but it will a battle.


    • Yes, it is going to be a battle.

      First step is going to catch out Rene Stutzman who is pushing the narrative in overseas media. I have caught her out.

      She did not write the same article for the OS.


    • Well that is interesting, could you link the article, I speak to Rene via twitter and will ask her about it.


    • it was print media. I do not have a link unfortunately. It appeared in the print copy of the Sydney Daily Telegraph. The article was totally different from the one in the OS. It even included the picture of a 12 year old who did not die, until he was 17 years old.


    • Thanks, I will try to see if I find a digital copy of it.


  2. Bori.. Do you have links to the articles?


  3. Just some updates on my previous opinions and predictions – – –

    So far the violence has been much less than I anticipated. But with our ‘post racial’ president and his Flying Monkeys and Propaganda Arm still beating this dead horse, perhaps more is to come?

    I am not stupid enough to believe the MSM would ever admit they were wrong, but I am never-the-less surprised at the current situation. I thought they would just slink away quietly and not mention it anymore. Boy, was I wrong. If anything they are more shrill now than before. They continue to whine about an innocent, happy-go-lucky young child being shot in cold blood by a demented vigilante. That is their word YOUNG CHILD. You might refer to him as a Young Man. Even though totally erroneous in common-sense meaning, you might even say that legally he was a Child. But a YOUNG CHILD!? That is just sickening. And there seem to be no “adults” to step forward and sort this out.


    • The young child is MSM.. venting their anger and outright lying for not getting their way.


    • Agree 100% but what is the excuse for Australian media to indulge in this particular fantasy and lie? It seems that they too, want race riots to occur.


    • I was in Australia for about a month long ago with my daughter. We were in Sydney, the Outback (Alice Springs and Ayers Rock), Cairns, and Brisbane. I did not detect any racial conflict., per se, although i was fascinated enough with the Aborigines that I spent a lot of time with them, including sharing a campfire meal (loved the witchetty grubs.) I learned quite a bit about their history and their current plight but I did not perceive a lot of violence among them.

      I did learn that they are prone to alcohol/drug abuse and were know to commit theft to support their habits but did not hear much about murder.

      Their situation reminds me a lot of our American Indians.

      Is there a serious race issue there?


    • we do have issues in different parts of Australia.

      There have been race riots in Sydney. One of them was sparked after a boy, who was on a bicycle was “chased” by a cop car. It was more perception than anything else. The boy slammed into a fence and was spiked. A riot ensued. That incident was in Redfern. There was another riot in MacQuarie Fields.

      A lot has been mentioned here about Black deaths in custody. One needs to know more facts before commenting because I personally do not trust the media.

      The big one has always been the lie about children taken away from their drunken parents.

      Some aborigines are happy for the State to take care of them. Others are unhappy about the status quo that includes drunkenness, child rape and molestation within families, drug taking, petrol sniffing, and of course no work.

      On the other hand there are others who are fed up with the way that one group gets special privilege not enjoyed by others… but I digress.

      In other words we also have a BGI in Australia.


    • Doncha think those incidents pale in comparison to what happens here? We probably have more murders in Chicago in one week than you have in 5 years. Of course, the majority of those are blacks killing blacks.


    • Absolutely. They are insignificant by comparison.

      Over here the people killing each other with illegal guns are bikies, drug dealers and standover merchants. They are most likely but not always tend to be of a certain ethinic and theocratic origin – think Middle East.


    • Carlyle this is how it is being presented by the media in Australia. I am so angry about their lies regarding this case. It is dishonest to the extreme. The use of that picture of a 12 year old is totally dishonest because it places in peoples mind something that is not true.

      I have had to educate my husband because he got his information from the media and that means his information is wrong.

      It is not just the print media giving the false image, it is also the visual media. When they showed something on the case, they provided the fake picture. Not once did they mention that it was a 17 year old who had committed felony assault prior to his death.


    • Whenever I read an article with that picture, I sarcastically compliment the writer for honoring Little Black Sambo along with a few other “biographical” comments about him. Many agree and LOL..