What has the NBPP got to do with it?

George Zimmerman has a name that seems to invoke hatred, of Jews. However, George Zimmerman is not a white man, neither is he a Jew. He is Hispanic and he is a Roman Catholic.  What has this to do with the New Black Panther Party, the most racist group in the whole of the USA? Plenty, it seems.

The NBPP have a direct link to Barry Soetoro. This link comes via both Eric Holder and Louis Farrakhan. The NBPP class themselves as Muslim. They are the most rabid anti-Semitic group outside of CAIR in the USA.

When Trayvon Martin was killed via a gunshot, the family had the political connections to get in touch with the worst of the race-baiters in the USA i.e. Al Sharpton and Jess Jackson. Yes I refuse to call these clowns Reverend because their “orders” came from the back of a Corn Flakes packet. Don’t believe me? Have a good look at the hatred that they preach in the name of Jesus Christ, and that should be enough to convince people that they are not men of God at all!!

The political connections to Tracy Martin come through Nasty Natalie, Ben Chump and whateverhisname Parks, oh yeah, that would be Daryl Parks. These three incendiary characters have links to Jesse Jacks and Al Sharpton, who have links to Eric Holder, Louis Farrakhan and of course the worst bigot of all, Barry Soetoro.  The word was given to Barry who got there in the Rose garden and declared that if he had a son, he would be just like the wannabe thug Trayvon Martin. Good grief!!

First of all, it must be stated that Trayvon Martin was not a 12 year old child who simply went to a store to purchase Skittles and Watermelon drink. Trayvon Martin happened to be a teenager who had recently turned 17 years old. At the time of the incident that took his life, Trayvon Martin was staying with Brandi Green, who was not related to him, but is the latest woman to give birth to the spawn of Tracy Martin. He was there because he had been suspended from Dr. Michael Kropp High school. I believe that the reason given was drugs were found in his school bag.

Second, Trayvon Martin was not an A-student. He was not an aspiring aeronautical engineer. The only thing he aspired to was flying high with the aid of drugs. He was dealing in cannabis at the time of his death. On top of that Trayvon Martin, in his time at Dr. Michael Krop High had been caught with jewellery and a burglary tool in his school bag.

Third, Trayvon Martin had a very disturbing history where fighting was concerned. He had a Youtube page where he had uploaded videos relating to MMA fighting. On top of that Trayvon Martin had video footage of fights on his cell phone.

On the night that Trayvon Martin was killed, an man of mixed race by the name of George Zimmerman was driving to the shops when he spotted someone who was not familiar to him staring at a block of houses where there had been recent burglary activity. George contact the NEN and had a conversation with Sean Noffke. He stated that the person he saw was acting in a suspicious way, like he was on drugs or something. George had followed this person in his car, as far as the club house, and then again to the top of the path where Trayvon Martin had disappeared. During that conversation George made a few statements that are relevant here, first he stated that the person circled his car and put his hand in his waistband. Then the person began to run, and finally that he had lost sight of the person.  In other words George Zimmerman did not expect to have any contact with Trayvon Martin.

George had gotten out of his car in order to see in what direction Trayvon Martin had gone. There is nothing wrong with George getting out of his car. In fact Sean had said: Let me know if you see anything else or words to that effect. Then Sean noticed that George was out of the car and he asked the question: “are you following” and then he said “we do not need you to do that”. It was not a command at all.  George walked to the end of the path to get an address. He then proceeded to head back towards his car. When he got as far as the T again, he was accosted by Trayvon Martin who had been lying in wait for him.

According to George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin said “Have you got a problem?” and he answered “No” and then Martin said “you do now” and then he decked George Zimmerman. The debris at the T is evidence that what George stated is pretty close to the truth.  George also stated that there was a bit of pushing and shoving as he tried to get away from Trayvon Martin, and he was knocked off guard and fell to the ground, then Martin started pummelling him and hitting his head on the concrete path. Zimmerman was wriggling to get away, but Martin had him pinned. In that struggle, George’s clothing rode up and that is when Trayvon Martin spotted Zimmerman’s gun.

It must be noted here that Trayvon Martin was familiar with guns. On his cellphone there are some text messages betweem him and someone who goes by the name of “Fruit” regarding the purchase of a gun. It will be interesting to learn the identity of “Fruit”. In fact Martin was so familiar with guns that he attempted to grab the gun owned by Zimmerman. His last words were “You got it”, and not “you got me”.

It is the narrative that is important in this story. The criminal trial should have put an end to the false narrative but that did not happen. The fans of bigotry and racism are flowing everywhere. This is the race war that Barry Soetoro is so keen to have so that he can further divide the country. The NBPP in the form of Malik Shabazz had demanded the arrest of George Zimmerman. He was arrested through the means of an affadavit that was sworn upon false information. Now that Zimmerman has been found not guilty Malik Shabazz is demanding a DoJ investigation.

The thing is: Does the Department of Justice have the right to bring any charges? George might have been a member of Neighbourhood Watch, but he is not police. The only one who has had his civil rights trampled upon is in fact George Zimmerman. On that night, George Zimmerman was acting in self-defense against a black thug wannabe gang member.

The NBPP are looking at the word “profiling” as though it is a dirty word. However, most of us profile people in one way or another. It is something that people do based upon a set of criteria and it has nothing to do with race.

Let me digress for a moment, because I believe that my personal story of how someone followed me gives an insight with regard to reactions that I see as being normal when other people face a similar situation. When I was around 13 years old I face what was the most dangerous situation of my life when a man tried to pick me up in his car.  The important part of the story is the fact that I did not take the whole of the bait that was proffered, but I had reacted in the first instance because that is my nature. When asked directions, I gave them. However, as soon as the man wanted me to get into his car I said “no” and moved on.  He followed me, and I knew then something was wrong. It was a feeling, an inner knowledge that this was wrong. I fled, and I was lucky enough to be near a friend’s house.  In other words, somewhere in that story I had profiled that person and worked out that his approach was wrong.

The way that the press is playing up the Zimmerman story, one would think that George had hunted down Trayvon Martin. The problem is that when one knows the real story it is impossible.

The NBPP are demanding that George be charged by the DoJ, and this is despite the fact that the FBI did not find anything that was in the slightest bit racist.

Here we go again….


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