Will Eric Holder really be that stupid? Wait a minute it is Eric Holder

The BGI is not happy. They thought that the case involving George Zimmerman and the State of Florida was going to hit pay dirt. They were looking forward to all the money that they could make with their lawsuits…. except that the jury of 6 women found George not guilty of both murder 2 and manslaughter. The verdict was not quick, but it was a deliberated verdict with the jurors examining the evidence that was before them. Based upon the lack of evidence, the jurors are to be congratulated for their decision. It came without them knowing that Trayvon Martin was in fact a gangsta wannabe, drug dealer and burgler, which is information that comes from his phone as well as from his school records.

Since the verdict, the BGI have begun their screams. The BGI in chief, none other than Barry Soetoro the ditherer, has spoken and continues to think that Trayvon Martin is his son. Perhaps there is some truth in that statement of his – because Barry was a community organizer and thug prior to his political career. Barry is also known to be a member of the Choom gang and to have done a number of drugs. So maybe there is truth in that identification after all.  Now it seems that Eric Holder has opened his big yap, and he is wanting the FBI to re-open investigations after they actually found that there was no civil rights violation. The BGI are unwilling to let go of their most outrageous claims in this case. It was not a case of white on black violence, rather it was black on Hispanic violence. OOPS!!

The problem is that Eric Holder, Barry Soetoro and the whole BGI do not want to face the reality of the actual facts of this case. Barry and Eric see the case as an opportunity to create race riots. The BGI only see the $ signs. The mother, now known as Traydemom most definitely only sees the $ signs, and ditto for the father, Tracy Martin.

Neither of the parents of the person who is dead have been truthful in their statements. The criminal case itself was tainted because of the interference of a civil lawyer. Angela Corey-Nifong should not have taken advice or anything else from a civil lawyer. She should have been looking at the facts of the case. Instead we got this circus where a man’s serious head injuries were considered to be minor. The race-baiters then made a series of unsubstantiated claims about the true evidence and all of their claims were in fact bogus. Let’s look at some of those claims:

1. George was told to stay in his car – buzz, wrong response. George was outside walking when Sean Noffke asked if he was following and George responded “yes”, and then Sean said “We do not need you to do that”. To which George replied “OK”.  What the BGI race-baiters leave out of this part of the story is the fact that George was returning to his car when he was accosted and then king hit by Trayvon Martin… ooops let’s not let the facts stand in the way of making money.

2. George had a depraved mind because he said “These funking punks always get away”. Was Trayvon Martin with someone else? Otherwise how does that statement in any way relate to Trayvon Martin? It does not… oops… another narrative bites the dust. It most certainly bit the dust during the trial.

3. Trayvon Martin was unarmed. Yeah, tell that to the jury. Trayvon Martin was armed with his fists and the concrete. Need I say more?

4. Trayvon Martine was just a boy. Nope again. Trayvon Martin was 17 years old and on the verge of his manhood. The BGI used a picture of Trayvon Martin that showed him to be about 12 years old, instead of showing what he really looked like at the age of 17. There is an appreciable difference in the images. The 12 year old image is still being used by the corrupt media. They should cease using that image because it is not reality. 17 year old teenagers do not like to have themselves referred to as “just a boy”. It is insulting. Trayvon Martin did in fact make certain choices that night.

Note, I have not dealt with the bit about running, but I am getting to that point. It was ably demonstrated by Mark O’Mara that Trayvon Martin had 4 minutes to go a very short distance to the place where he was staying. If he had made the right choices that night, then he would have entered that property and have been safe. Instead he chose to backtrack to the T and he made the choice to lie in wait for his victim, George Zimmerman.

Who was the real victim in this case? It is my belief that George Zimmerman was the real victim and that Trayvon Martin was in fact the offender. This is because the evidence points to George Zimmerman having all of the injuries. Trayvon Martin had injuries to his hands indicating that he had been in a fight. George Zimmerman did not have the same knuckle injuries. George Zimmerman had a broken nose and injuries to his head.  Those injuries were in fact substantial and should not be treated as though they were nothing. Head injuries are always serious and even when they seem slight medical attention should be given.

The family of Trayvon Martin did a number of things that point to the fact that they were intent upon hiding the truth about their son. These are not grieving parents, because they come across as liars and grifters.  They are also politically connected and that means that they are using the BGI for their monetary advantage and enrichment.


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  1. This is factual and very well written. I only wish the public would read this with an open mind and investigate the facts. If you are interested, SD has also written a great synopsis of the case.