We Are All Trayvon Martin. Really?

Stately McDaniel Manor

“We are all Trayvon Martin,” read signs displayed at protests.  Let’s take some time, like the jury in the George Zimmerman case, and by a careful examination of the evidence, determine if we really want to be like Trayvon Martin, or more to the point, if we would truly like our children to follow his example.

We tend to enlarge people in death beyond their stature in life.  Faults and foibles are, if not exactly forgotten, swept under the rug in favor of remembering and lauding the good in them.  For the most part, this is a benign, harmless practice.  As Thomas Jefferson said, it does not pick anyone’s pocket or break their leg.

Combine it with politics, and particularly racial politics, however, it surely does the former and is likely to do the latter.

The verdict in the George Zimmerman trial had scarcely stopped echoing in the courtroom…

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