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So many people have viewed this case (5.00 / 7) (#33) by  Isabela Hernandez  on Tue Jul 16, 2013 at 11:03:41 PM EST

through the lens of their own preconceptions that it’s practically impossible to change people’s minds about what happened that night. I’ve spoken to many white people who are so biased that they simply cannot see the obvious elements in this case. The bias comes not from direct racism toward other groups, but rather, fear of racism. White guilt actually perpetuates anti-black racism because it creates blocks that prevent people from seeing reality. Because we don’t want to be called racist, we desperately try to frame events in a light that ignores reality.

Trayvon Martin is dead. Perhaps his own actions caused his death. Perhaps he is complicit, both legally and ethically. Perhaps not. But there are other children like him who will face similar situations in the future. Those who are still screaming “Justice for Trayvon,” in spite of the evidence indicating Martin came back and confronted and attacked Zimmerman, do a grave disservice to the rest of our children. Many will continue to act like hoodies are a cultural badge that cannot be criticized, seeing it as a “right” to dress a certain way, rather than a statement that defines our values. Our youth would be better served by understanding the full complexities of the interaction that night so they do not make the same mistakes.

Please try to understand the dangers those disingenuous people pose to our children. In their zealous attempts to be compassionate about racism, they cannot see that a young black man might be more racist or even just more hostile than the supposedly “white Hispanic” who he thought profiled him. How do I teach my kids not to be hotheads when millions of people continue to believe Martin had no choice in this conflict because some racist white bigot stalked him then killed him?

The take-home lesson from all of this might be “Belligerence Kills.” I will teach my children and their friends that lesson. I hope those of you who are angry that Zimmerman wasn’t punished will try to understand that perpetuating a false scenario about an event like this hurts people of color by creating even more racial enmity, in this case, animosity toward whites, and excuses for angry youth and parents who do not properly parent their children.

I have bolded the parts of the comment that I think are the most pertinent. There are several other comments in the same thread that are worthwhile but are not argued very well IMHO.  This particular person though, made the most pertinent comments because I think she managed to hit a nail on the head. The first obvious point is the issue of bad parenting. I think there is a second issue here: single parent family and divorce. From what I understand Trayvon was packed off with his father and not wanted by his mother, leaving another woman to raise him until his father found yet another woman to be his baby momma.

On top of that, I continue to question the logic of why Zimmerman should be punished at all, when it was Trayvon Martin who had backtracked and had been the aggressor. Even the juror B37 makes the fundamental flaw of: “we couldn’t find any way to punish him” and the other dreary meme “he should have stayed inside his truck”. I guess she was not listening to what Sean said, neither did she comprehend all of the things that happened that night, ergo, by the time Zimmerman got out of the truck he thought that Trayvon Martin, the person who was indulging in some form of suspicious conduct had “gotten away”. If she had truly understood that Zimmerman thought that the person had gotten away, then she should have been able to accept the reality of the situation, and been able to see more clearly who was in fact the aggressor in the situation that took place. The fault was completely with Trayvon Martin. I do think that this is what this commenter is also saying. I think she is correct about the lesson that can be taught to one’s children.


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  1. Definitive New Litmus Test

    Question: What do you think of the George Zimmerman situation.

    This is a particularly good litmus test because the answer is not subject to ‘opinion’. i.e. It is not that case that well-meaning honest people can disagree. It is not like what flavor of ice cream you like. In this instance there are hard facts to consider, and then there are emotions, hysteria, and political agendas. This means that people who get it wrong are not your friends. They are not good neighbors. They are not civilized and warrant no special protection or consideration. They are hostile to law and order, and hostile to “can’t we all just get along”.

    The absolute best correct answer is: I don’t know, I was not there.

    A close second is: The media made a circus of this and there is so much disinformation floating around that no one can make any sense of it.

    A satisfactory but not best answer is: Zimmerman committed no crime.

    Bad answers include: Zimmerman could have and should have done something different. And, this is a big deal representative of many other unreported or underreported cases.

    Absolute wrong hateful racist answers are: Trayvon was a sweet innocent little kid. George Zimmerman was a vigilante looking to make a point. Racial profiling was primary motive. ‘Stand your ground’ laws are bad.

    Choose your friends and associates wisely. This is the best definitive litmus test to come along in quite some time.


    • You have no idea how my blood boils when I see media reports using the word VIGILANTE.

      That is why I wrote a post on the subject.


  2. Yes, I know, this is terribly not Politically Correct – but it’s got to be said – – –

    Quote of the Week

    “We are all creepy ass crackas now, which was the point of electing a community
    organizer as President in the first place. It could end up no other way.”

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/07/creep_me_out_chinese_is_the_new_nigga.html#ixzz2ZPj5jduB

    Further – A pernicious bit of profiling and racism is “They are more uncivilized, savage, mercurial, and dangerous than white people”. Personally, I am much more inclined to believe that after of few years of ObamaTerror than I was before. I avoid a lot more people and refuse to go many more places than I used to. Obama has given legitimacy to something that was previously more or less contained and controlled. I am significantly more afraid.

    If ‘they’ don’t want us to think that of them, they are choosing a very strange way of showing it! The current Zimmerman/Martin situation is showing that they prefer Mob Rule to Rule Of Law. Dressing, talking, and acting with an intimidating, in your face, attitude is not conducive to encouraging us to quit our prejudices and welcoming them with open arms into Polite Society. I am willing to go an extra mile to try to be inclusive and integrative, but I’ll be damned if I will commit societal suicide in the name of multi-culti and the progressive, lowest common denominator, agenda.


  3. I can easily accept the fact that only a “few” are causing these problems. However when the community refuses to control itself, then it inevitably makes one suspicious of the whole community. Almost nobody, black or white, is speaking against these morons. And when highly visible people do speak (such as The Obama) they seem to sanction the activities, or even encourage them.

    Children need to learn about The Rule Of Law in school. And when people forget, it falls upon the MSM and anybody else with a bully pulpit to re-explain it. People need to be reminded how horrible is Mob Rule. They need to be reminded it cuts both ways. Remember the KKK and Lynch Mobs? Their major ’cause’ was that they felt they had been betrayed by a corrupt system. Once you bow to Mob Rule, all these sorts of extreme things happen.


    • In essence I agree with your points however, I do disagree that no one is speaking up.

      In fact I saw on the TV news a black man who spoke up against the rioters. What he said was correct.

      As more and more black adults look at the facts of the case I am sure they recognize what did in fact happen and they will have none of it. There are people who shoot off at the mouth and they have not looked at the facts. They are unaware of the extra information that we have discovered, therefore they maintain what in essence is a wrong opinion.

      Then there are the Marxists, including the Marxist in chief.