Will Carter Hull spill the beans?

I have seen a few posts indicating that Daryl Issa is expecting a bombshell to be dropped in regard to the IRS scandal. The bombshell is a link to the White House.

Well, Daily Caller has a news item that will be of interest to you and it involves the retiring lawyer Carter Hull. His name has been bandied about as the person who drafted letters sent to conservative groups.

If this is the source of the evidence…. then look out for the fireworks.

BTW, since he is about to retire, Carter Hull cannot be sacked for being a whistleblower, unlike Mr. Kruidbos.


It looks like Carter Hull is one of the good people. His testimony, or at least the summary of it that I have seen at Gateway Pundit is that of a man who is not a Marxist but a steady worker. He said that he had in fact approved the applications after he got the initial information but it was Washington D.C. that overruled him. This is back in the court of Lois Lerner, and it goes higher.


This article in the Wall Street Journal provides what might be a smoking gun.  I suggest that you carefully read the article because it is the only one that directly links the White House Appointee at the IRS. It his background that is interesting and it is within this background that I think provides the smoking gun.

Payback can be such a bitch, and in this case, and I was not expecting to see such information, it turns out that Jeremiah Wright’s pretend church was investigated for possible 501 c (3) violations because of then Senator Barry Soetoro’s involvement within that “church”. I do not consider that outfit to be a real church and I do not believe that Jeremiah Wright should be called Reverand.

Wilkins, the name that has been brought up, was involved in defending that pretend church when the IRS did the investigation. He was appointed to the IRS and he has been involved in the biggest scandal in the history of the IRS relating to the status of these conservative groups.

Considering the nature of the involvement of Wilkins, you can now be sure that this scandal goes all the way to the top.


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