Why I disagree with Rick Moran

Pajamas Media has a post written by Rick Moran. I have to admit that I disagree with him on a number of issues and in particular I disagree that the Zimmerman case was about race.

Whilst Moran makes some good points, I have to castigate him because he has brought with his presentation his own biased outlook. I suggest you read what Moran has to say before proceeding with my post.

At issue for me is the point raised about conservative sites and the fact that most of us recognized that on that night George Zimmerman was facing a young thug.  Race has absolutely nothing to do with that description because there are white gangs, bikie gangs, hispanic gangs and of course black gangs. George Zimmerman could have been faced with someone from any one of these subsets, and black remains a non-factor.

What Moran does not seem to understand here is that in this particular case, in Florida, if the shooting had been white on white, no charges would have been laid. If George Zimmerman was the black man (he is in fact a mulatto or mixed race) and Trayvon was white, in the same circumstances, no charges would have been laid. The only reason that charges were laid in the first place, prior to the Grand Jury sitting, was the interference of Pam Bondi and Angela Corey. When Governor Rick Scott appointed Angela Corey the purpose was to bring about charges. As it turns out the charging affidavit contained enough mistruths to be considered an absolute disgrace.

My other bone of contention remains the fact that the Zimmerman case was never about SYG. It is a simple case of self-defense. Even in the Bible men are justified in killing another person when there is danger of death from that other person. The case as it was presented and in keeping with the actual evidence is one where the person should not have been charged.

Whilst it is true that we can never know for sure who started the confrontation, I will continue to have complete scepticism regarding Rachael Jeantel. I do not believe that she was on the phone. There is something very phony about her story.


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  1. Lynn A kinson

    You are wrong. Race was a factor. Not Trayvon Martin’s but george Zimmerman’s. You see, racism in Florida is not against blacks but against poor immigrant hiepanics. The first wave of immigrants were well educated professional cuban hispanics. They were welcome with open arms. However, the professional cuban hispanics, blacks, and whites all hate the poor ignorant hispanic immigrants that followed on the feet of the well educated cubans. The blacjs hate them fir taking their jobs. The cubans hate them fir their poverty and ignirant ways and the whites hate them for turning flirida into a spanish speaking hispanic culture. A large portion of Miami doesn’t even speak english. GZ was the son of a poor ignorant mother from Peru.

    So race wad involved. GZ was the son of the 2nd wave of immigrants-his mother is from peru. Of course, the pundits not understand


    • I agree with all of your points regarding the true race issue, BUT, I think that the BGI latched on to this story for another reason. It involves George’s last name: Zimmerman.

      The Zimmerman name sounds like the person is a German Jew. A lot of people make comments that are anti-Semitic and they claim that George is a Jew, but he is not. The Zimmerman family is Roman Catholic.


  2. With the verdict drawing near, police and city leaders in Sanford and other parts of Florida said they have taken precautions for the possibility of mass protests or even civil unrest if Zimmerman, whose father is white and whose mother is Hispanic, is acquitted.


  3. Aussie, you make a great point about Zimmerman’s name. In the beginning the only information about Zimmerman was the police report which listed Zimmerman as white and another detail that was repeated ad naseum by the family and the media that Zimmerman outweighed TM by 100 lbs.

    Both of this were early talking points that gave the story legs in the beginning. That is what led to the creation of the White-Hispanic label later when it was determined that GZ was not a white person.


    • Yet the truth is the weight disparity was far less than 100lbs.

      Traydemark was fleet of foot and he was tall. George was shorter and weighed a bit more. His boots meant that he could not have been running.


    • Exactly, but in the beginning the weight disparity was used to convey a feeling of helplessness by Trayvon.


    • I know it was. They tried everything to be negative about George.

      I still think that they saw the name Zimmerman and thought he was a Jew.

      Over and over and over again, I have seen people write something about him being Jewish when in fact he is a Catholic, just like me.


    • I did forget to mention that a white Jewish bully, attacking a little black boy, I know both Sharpton and Jackson got excited (don’t want to be crude) about it once they heard and rushed down to Sanford.


    • I think I know what you mean and I agree. They heard the name and they thought that George was a Jew. A lot of people initially made the same mistake, probably because that is what the media implied.


  4. I wanted to add that a Hispanic that grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood in Harlem NY, and who has been to married to a Black woman for the last 23 years, Mr. Moran acceptance of the “Black Experience” as if it gospel is one of the problems with race relations in America.

    The idea that blacks are somehow discriminated more because of their color is truly a disservice to everyone, especially blacks who become paranoid and misinterpret little incident into racial prejudice.

    Take for instance the much maligned “stop and frisk” policy of the NYPD, because it targets minorities disproportionately. The problem is that those against the policy use citywide percentages when comparing the rates of who is getting stopped.

    NYC is 40% White, 25% Black, 25% Hispanic approximately, so accordingly if to them if more than 25% are of Hispanic or Black persons this is discriminatory. But it completely ignores that the areas that this operations take place are 80% to 90% predominantly minority occupied so the odds are that minorities will be stopped are no longer in proportion to the general overall population.

    There is another tidbit that is often ignored and that is that these operations yield results and lead to confiscations of drugs and weapons and has made NYC the safest large city in the country.


    • The bleeding hearts never stop and think.

      BTW did you attend $ybrina’s trashcan tour in NY?

      She made the news over here because she is setting up yet another Foundation (so that she can milk it of money).

      I would be less harsh if she even cared about the victims of bashing crime.


    • I have to get pay to go watch that woman, and even then I would think very hard if the money is worth it.


    • ROFL.

      You should have heard my comments… immediate thoughts were “trashcan tours”.

      That woman is simply horrible.


    • They need to raise money those Dream Defenders need money to eat, and places to stay while they are protesting for your astro-turf cause.


    • The Dream Defenders are OWS by another name. They can get their money from the OWS movement.

      Actually they need to bug off and go home. They are nothing more than Marxist students.


    • Not to be a conspiracy theorist but I often wondered if Judge Nelson with her insistence on maintaining her schedule was just so that the trial would end during the summer, which allowed all these kids to be on vacation, and able to protest.


    • I understand what you are saying but I think the reason had more to do with the NAACP convention than OWS brats protesting.


    • How about a little of both, the people at the NAACP are not the type to go marching for long, or lay siege to the Capitol building as we have seen.


    • True, they do not lay siege to the Capitol building but they encourage such behaviour behind the scenes.

      I still see the connection with Marxism. The Dream Defenders are the black version of OWS or maybe OWS with a different name.

      Their aims are exactly the same, with a subtle difference, that the aims of OWS were always a little bit on the incoherent side.


    • No doubt some participate on both, leftists with an agenda to destroy our civilization.


    • Bingo. You got it.

      It is the same in my country. They have the same agenda no matter where they exist.

      They want the destruction of our civilisation.


    • The thing is they are doing slowly from the inside out, hidden in plain sight.


    • Yes, and in my country, we did manage to get rid of the worst… but KRUDD is no better than Gillard.

      We called her Juliar for a reason. She was a liar. She could not tell the truth if she tripped over it. She remains a Marxist and a Communist. She denied that she had been a member of Socialist Forum, but the archives do not lie, and it seems she was an active member, as well as being a founding member. She was a total disgrace in more ways than one and she disrespected every living soldier as well as those who are now dead.


    • The are chameleons, the problem is most of the younger generations have forgotten so much and not taught enough about the issues in the 20th Century, I am hopeful that once we get rid of our own Communist in Chief, that Americans will awaken from the damage he has caused.


    • I hope the same thing !!

      The worst thing I noticed when I was in the USA in 2009 happened to be that it was the 60ish females who were all starry eyed where Barry Soetoro was concernced. Unbelievable.

      Not only that, a lot of people are led astray by the simplest of lies regarding the meaning of big government and even socialism… meaning that they believe what they are told when Marxists tell them that somehow the making of roads by local Councils is supposed to be Socialism… Nope…. wrong definition.


    • I don’t know about there, but in here our big problem is that the whole education establishment is polluted with leftist, marxists who see government as the solution to everything.

      As you pointed out the radicals from the 60’s and 70’s are now the ones in power and they are now implementing all those things they only dreamt off back then. There is a bit of nostalgia with this group and Obama was the embodiment of that.


    • The same thing has happened in Australia. The leftists have infiltrated the education system.

      There are two types but they have the same motivation.

      The first type is your regular Marxist. This is the type that have parades on May Day… they proudly profess that they are Marxist and Communist.

      The second type deals in subterfuge. This type includes the KRUDD, Gillard, and included the far left loonies otherwise known as the Green Party…. ew…. they are lunatics.

      What must be remembered is that the hidden Marxists infiltrate the minor parties such as the Greens, the Liberal Democrats, the former Australian Democrat Party etc. A good example is the woman who goes by the name of Lee Rhiannon. What she does not understand is that leopards never change their spots and thus people like her are easy to see through because of their displayed traits and mannerisms.

      This is also how we figured out Gillard who denied that she was a member of Socialist forum. She even claimed she had just been a typist. Nope. She wrote position papers. Nice try, but no cigar. What really gave Gillard away though, was her class warfare. It was always her against the rest of us!! She tried to do the OWS thing about wealth. We had to have a carbon tax because we have hot summers… sheesh ever since I was a child we have had hot summers!!

      I could say a lot more, especially over the current invasion of illegal immigrants. The floodgates were opened when both Gillard and KRUDD tinkered with what was in the place and then the bleeding heart watermelons (Greens = green on the outside and red on the inside) do their crying, bleating and wailing, whilst they do not give a damn about the people who have drowned on those boats!!


    • It seems the Greens are loony everywhere, I think the Green Party had Roseann Barr as a candidate here the last election.

      My Great grandmother who raised me would always tell me be careful of the do-gooders because the always end up doing more harm than good.

      So far I have not seen anything that refutes that, because even if something helps in the beginning it always ends up bad.

      Sort of what happened with the Haitian Boat people here, in the beginning they were assured asylum if they reach the shore, before long the Coast Guard was rescuing people left and right and the beaches had bodies floating in them daily. They had to change it back since more were dying on the way than were actually making it.

      Rachell Jeantel is Haitian I wonder if her parents were boat people?


    • I would suspect that Rachel Jeantel’s parents were in fact boat people and possibly illegal immigrants.

      So that explains why Rosanne Barr is such an off the planet lunatic!! No surprises at all. 🙂


    • Isn’t that a fact.