The death of Darius Simmons – white on black murder

I have been a strong advocate for George Zimmerman, a man of mixed race, who was charged with the second degree murder of Trayvon Martin, in a case that was always self defense. There is no doubt in my mind that at the moment the shot was fired, George feared for his life. This fear met the criteria of the law of self-defense.

Some people, such as Piers Morgan are continuing the hoodie angle, which is in fact irrelevant to the case. A black reverand in speaking to Piers Morgan actually pointed out all the obvious things, such as the fact that the people stirring up the trouble are race baiters who like to enrich themselves. Morgan then asked what was a silly question and asked what might have happened if the person was Zuckerman who owns Facebook, because he likes to wear hoodies.  So I will answer that question before I talk about the murder of Darius Simmons.

First of all, if Zuckerman lived in the Twin Trees gated community he would probably be known to George.  Now if, on the other hand, Zuckerman was a guest of someone in the community, then there might have been a different exchange taking place. The “what if” here is whether or not the person was either staring into space or casing houses, which is apparently what George Zimmerman thought that he had observed that night. George’s comment to the NEN did not initially mention any hoodie, but he observed someone who was “acting strangely, like he was on drugs or something”. So, if this was a white person such as Zuckerman, then to be exactly like Trayvon Martin he would have to be acting strangely in some way, entering the Retreat via a wrong path or something along those lines.  We only know the rest of the information because the NEN caller asked “what is he wearing” and then “what race”. Now comes the telling point, if the white person circled the car, which I doubt that a hoodie wearing Mark Zuckerman would do, then that would also have been mentioned. The same is true for the “he is carrying something” and the hand in the waistband.

Second, we do know from the timeline of the event that Trayvon Martin backtracked and that he did lie in wait so that he could attack George Zimmerman. That attack is a criminal offense. Therefore, if this was a white person who did exactly the same thing, then George would have acted the same way. However, I doubt very much that Mark Zuckerman would have backtracked to the T and then attacked a man who was walking back to his truck after obtaining an address.

In this case, the colour of the skin is in fact immaterial. It is the circumstances that are relevant. If it had been a white person that had attacked George, the outcome would have been the same.

Now let me talk about the murder of Darius Simmons, a young black boy who lived next door to the man who murdered him. I recommend that you visit the site where this story is available and view the CCTV footage that is available there. The basics of the murder is that the white man had been robbed and be blamed the innocent Darius for the robbery. At the time of the murder, the boy had been fetching or placing something in the garbage bins at the curbside. The white man, on seeing him had come outside with a gun. He pointed the gun at Darius, and then at his mother. He then pointed the gun again at Darius and shot him long range in the chest. The boy walked a distance, and then he died in his mother’s arms.

Why is this first degree murder and not self defense? Well, first the elements for self defense are missing. It is not even SYG even though it can be argued that the man was protecting his property. Second, there is nowhere in the confrontation evidence that the boy was threatening the man. Third, the man had pulled out his gun prior to leaving his house.

The simple fact is that the white man in this case murdered the black teenager because he was angry that his house had been robbed and he blamed his neighbour for the theft. He needs to feel the full strength of the law because you cannot shoot people in such circumstances.


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