Who Is Angela Corey?

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Who is Angela Corey and how did she get picked to prosecute George Zimmerman? The best information suggests that Corey was reliable, as in reliably overly-aggressive and unethical.  Interestingly enough, Corey ran for her office as a republican and was appointed by republican governor Rick Scott and republican State Attorney General Pam Bondi.  One might think that republicans would be less prone to the corruption that became so evident in the prosecution of George Zimmerman–and the continuing prosecution of Shellie Zimmerman–than Democrats.  Unfortunately, it appears that Governor Scott and AG Bondi went wobbly on principle and the law in the onslaught of a DOJ sponsored racial firestorm.  They needed George Zimmerman to be prosecuted and convicted regardless of the evidence, and Angela Corey–and her handpicked minions–were more than willing to ignore an almost complete lack of evidence in the pursuit of those needs.

Ian Tuttle at National Review.com provides insight…

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