ACLU reverses its decision re: civil rights and George Zimmerman

Just like every other left-wing nutcase, the ACLU had been pushing for the DOJ to investigate George Zimmerman for civil rights abuses. These tools had not even considered that George Zimmerman had an equal right to civil rights… but that might be another story.

Jeralyn Merritt has up a post that indicates that the ACLU has taken a 180 degree turn and is no longer pushing to have the DoJ investigate George Zimmerman. Personally, I find the about face to be curious because this would have the ACLU beating a different drum to the BGI.

So, my question is, why did the ACLU change their minds? Could it be that they actually took the time to investigate the real facts? Could it be that the learned that George Zimmerman is not a racist and that it was George Zimmerman who was the only one to stand up for Sherman Ware until the BGI decided that they could make money off his case? I have no idea about why they changed their minds.

The fact remains that George Zimmerman was attacked by the thug Trayvon Martin, in what was a brutal beat down. The fact remains that at the critical moment, George Zimmerman believed that Trayvon Martin intended to kill him that night.  Most of the evidence gathered by the police points in the direction of Trayvon Martin being the one who did in fact initiate the violence in the first place. Following someone at a distance is not a crime. Neither is getting out of one’s vehicle to go find an address.

On the other hand, George Zimmerman has had his civil rights denied to him for more than 16 months. He was falsely imprisoned and the State took the funds that had been raised for his defense. The BGI screamed about those funds being raised and they wanted George to be punished because people were willing to send money to help him defend himself.

In the meantime, Traydemarkmoma has been on another trash can tour in New York. This time she has announed yet another Foundation to allegedly help the victims of crime. Does that mean she is going to give money to the real victim of crime that night? Nope. This is just another of her trash can tours so that she can continue her money grubbing ways.


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