Major distraction – royal baby watch

A few things that is important in the news:

1. KRUDD refuses to name the election date  – grrr

2. My son’s outlaws live in Wellington NZ – have not heard anything bad after the earthquake in Wellington. We note the damage to the dock area (been there, done that on a cruise ship).

3. MAJOR NEWS:  Kate has gone into labour. Time to hit the royal baby watch 🙂

Hey, I am just noting what others have talked about recently including that the baby watch will serve as a distraction so time to get distracted 🙂


Yes, as anticipated by this 3 x mother, the baby took 10 hours once labour began. He arrived when we were in bed sleeping. A prince has arrived in England. He weighed in at 8lb 6 oz.  (our little princess grand-daughter weighed more at birth 🙂 )

On this note I add here some remarks about the hilarity of the TV and radio commentators last night and this morning. The radio people are probably a little bit more sedate but they still have royal baby fever. Last night I was watching one of my favourite programs being Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year – Asia. The TV news people were interrupting the program for non-updates. Likewise baby fever had taken hold of the program “A Current Affair”. The “live” crossovers were a hoot because there was no news to report.


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