Zimmerman, Obama and the Cult of Trayvon Martin my conversation with the President

Justice For All

The Cult of Trayvon Martin has a new member, or perhaps I should say that an old member just renewed his vows to the cult.  Yes, I am referring to our President of the United States,  Barrack H. Obama.  After chiming in after the verdict was read and saying quite reasonably the jury had spoken and we are a nation of laws,  he decides to join the madness of the cult by having an impromptu conference and reaffirming his membership in the Cult of Trayvon.

Like many cults that have preceded it, the members don’t have to be sensible, believe that rules or laws that apply to all others do not apply to them, and they have a leaders who can sound reasonable at times but then launch into the craziness. Like members of other cults, they suspend rational thoughts, they have a persecution complex, and an excuse…

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7 responses to “Zimmerman, Obama and the Cult of Trayvon Martin my conversation with the President

  1. Thanks for the Reblog, Aussie.


    • You are welcome. Just spreading such strong words around.

      I have my own thoughts but I had a bad night last night and I feel tired right now. So maybe when I can think straight I will add some extra thoughts to what is an excellent piece.

      BTW I maintain that it is illogical for a person who thinks he or she is being followed to lie in wait for that person. The normal reaction, or at least mine, is to flee to the nearest safe house.


    • Is funny you mention that, as Holder completely agrees. He feels we have a duty to retreat, ironic that they forget that the one who did not retreated but went to confront GZ was Trayvon.


    • You cannot retreat if some buffoon is on top.

      You will find my story on my blog. I have reiterated what took place when I was roughly 12 or 13 years old. My point in retelling the stories about when I did in fact face a real danger is simply to show what is expected when one really does face down being followed. Was I scared? You can count on it. That is why years later when there was a workplace incident I unwittingly relived that incident in my reactions to the later incident.

      These people are crazy if they think that George Zimmerman was able to retreat. It was not possible at the time.


    • Sorry, I did not make myself clear, I was not referring to George, but to Trayvon if as he said to RJ was scared and feeling threatened why did he not retreat to safety?

      They want to have both ways, blame George for getting out of the car, he did not retreat, but forget that Trayvon has that same duty and was able to get away, too. Trayvon choose to confront and then put George in a position where no retreat was possible.


    • Exactly and we are both making similar points 🙂