Book Critique: The Law Of Self Defense

I am sure that Andrew Branca will be very pleased with this book review. I am reblogging this review as my way of thanking Andrew Branca for the job he did with his commentary on the Zimmerman trial. I found both Mike Daniel and Andrew Branca to be the go to guys, and Jeralyn Merritt the go to gal where I could get factual information and critique on the trial.
My thanks goes to all three because they helped this outsider to understand the full ramification of the law of self defense in Florida and elsewhere in the USA.

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The Law Of Self Defense: The Indispensible Guide for the Armed Citizen

By: Andrew F. Branca  

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Regular readers know Mr. Branca from his writings on the George Zimmerman trial at Legal Insurrection, Cornell Law School professor William A. Jacobson’s valuable blog.  I often linked to Branca’s insightful commentary and generously provided video during the trial, just as the good professor has been kind enough to link to this scruffy little blog upon occasion.

During his recent tenure at Legal Insurrection, Mr. Branca often advertised his book on self-defense, billing it as indispensible.  As one who makes his living immersed in words, I saw “indispensible” as something of a challenge, and bought the book to see if Branca was engaging in false–or at least hyperbolic–advertising.  There are a plethora of self-defense books on the market.  Was Branca’s book significantly different and uniquely worthwhile?  More about that shortly.


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