George sows love and $ybrina sows hatred

What another amazing morning, to wake up to the news that George Zimmerman had helped rescue a family of 4 from their overturned vehicle. There are a lot of reports about this Zimmerman deed. The hysterical rabid Traybot white haters do not believe that George could do such a thing like rescuing someone. Instead they claim it must have been staged, YET George was identified by a member of Sanford police, and the family did not know their rescuer.

The Daily Mail in the UK has probably the best coverage of the story. That story gives the name of the man and his wife who were rescued from the vehicle, along with their children. However, that story also included the continuing hatred that flows from the likes of $ybrina Fulton.

What I really find curious are the comments that are coming from the Rev Manning of Attalah Ministeries. Now this particular man is, in my view a lot closer to being a man of God, than the likes of either Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. He is a Bible man!!  In his latest he took back a prayer that he had given to $ybrina Fulton because he has stated that she is helping to fan the flames of hatred and dissention. The Rev. Manning is correct in what he says. The man does not pull any punches. He is always on target with his comments.


I note that the O’Mara haters on another site continue to not be able to help themselves. George did not tell O’Mara and West about how he rescued the family after their accident. O’Mara gave a brief interview to local media and the silly reporter asked “the question” about the colour of the skin of the family. O’Mara responded that he did not know but he was curious. My take is that the reporter question was silly when O’Mara had said that George had not told him about the incident. I can understand the curiosity by O’Mara because it would have been very interesting if the family had been black. Maybe if that was the case then all the haters could simply go crawl back into their troll caves, but it was not the case. They are white people. George simply did what George does best, he looks out for people.


2 responses to “George sows love and $ybrina sows hatred

  1. Some of those comments are just plain crazy.


    • I know that they are crazy. That is why I have mentioned them.

      This is despite the fact that George has done things that show love of fellow man (woman is included in that statement) and $ybrina continues to sow hatred in everything that she is doing. She does not foster love and goodwill.