George the Good Samaritan

I saw this news report at the BBC News site (well yes I was looking for baby news such as hinting at possible names 🙂 )

It seems that now he is a free man, George is doing what George does best, and that is helping people. George came across the scene of an accident and he helped to rescue to adults and their children from the car. The accident occurred somewhere in Seminole County, so that means that George is living somewhere locally.

It is good to see that George Zimmerman continues to maintain his usual standard of helping others. Maybe, over time people will begin to see him in a new light and that the whole affair was the fault of Trayvon Martin, the wannabe thug, and not that of George Zimmerman, the good Samaritan.


This story looks like it is trending and it is appearing on various sites. I saw it first on the BBC site, and the story has made it into overseas news elsewhere, including Australia. It is on, and I should not be surprised that the vicious Traybots cannot accept that George is a good samaritan.

The Gateway Pundit has the same story but the headline is a bit misleading because it was a family that was rescued from the vehicle. However, I am including a link because of a tweet from Robert Zimmerman Jr.


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