The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 10: They Did What?

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The Martin case continues to take unexpected and unusual turns.  One of those turns is the primary focus of this article.  I originally hoped to provide analysis of the Special Prosecutor’s interview with Martin’s girlfriend—Dee Dee—in this article, but for reasons I’ll explain at the end of this article, will defer that to next Wednesday.  Thus we have:

The Bond/Passport Issue:

Those following the case are aware that the passport issue has already disappeared.  Zimmerman did have two passports as a result of the mistaken belief he had lost his original passport, which expired in May.  He did request and receive a replacement and so, in the strictest sense, had two passports, but again, one was expired and useless.  In addition, his attorney, Mr. O’Mara, was aware of all of this and reportedly in control of the only usable passport.  As a result, Judge Lester immediately lost interest…

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