The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 12: Perjury and–Perjury?

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Special Prosecutor Angela Corey has done it again.  But before we dive into yet another fetid prosecutorial swamp, it would be very much worth your while to stop by The Conservative Treehouse, where they continue to do first-rate work on exposing the bewildering web of connections between the usually suspect left wing organizations and individuals involved in constructing and maintaining the Trayvon Martin Narrative.  It’s very much eye-opening, and as the article suggests, with so many people and so much money involved (oh yes; large sums indeed), these growling dogs aren’t going to release this particular bone anytime soon.

Also worth your time are two posts by my former Confederate Yankee co-blogger, Bob Owens.  The first concisely explains why Martin did not bleed on Zimmerman, and the second, for those who may have missed it, equally concisely explains the dynamics of drawing and using a concealed handgun…

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One response to “The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 12: Perjury and–Perjury?

  1. I specifically want to draw attention to the actual question asked because Shellie was asked if she knew how much was in the account “right now”

    Shellie responded, “currently I do not know”

    Now the affidavit is a lie because there is a portion of the testimony that was ignored. Specifically, the next question that is asked is whether Shellie could point to someone who did know and she responded that Robert, her brother in law would know but he was not in the room with the family.

    Shellie then offered to contact him for further questions. However, the Persecution dropped the line of questioning.

    Within a week and after the big stink made by the Traybots and the greedy $ybrina Fulton, BDLR released his trap against Shellie. Judge Lester had ignored the questions to Shellie when they were asked. He did nothing about calling Robert Zimmerman and then he blew his stack when he was presented with this affidavit that is in itself a perjured document.