The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 37: Shellie Zimmerman

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This series of articles begins my coverage of the Shellie Zimmerman prosecution for perjury. To understand that prosecution, you must understand the background of the charge.  To that end, you absolutely must read Update 10(They Did What?) and particularly Update 12 (Perjury And–Perjury?) if you have not done so already.  Those two updates explain the factual basis–or as in the prosecution of George Zimmerman, the lack of factual basis–for the charge.

I’ll keep this article very brief so you have the time to read Updates 10 and 12.  As you do, keep in mind these essential factors:

(1) Shellie’s arrest was probably the result of an after-the-fact perjury trap.  I suspect the prosecutors, only after Shellie’s testimony, essentially said, “hey!  We can make it look like she lied and use her as leverage against George!”  It’s possible this was a planned perjury trap from the beginning, but I…

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