And the big news today?

1. The future king of England goes home with his parents, one of which is a future king of England.  He does not have a name and I am betting on George or Albert.

2. Another 60 fools drown because they paid an extorionist smuggler to get them to Australia. The accident happened close to Java… which means that the Indonesian navy should have been going to the rescue instead of the Australian navy. These are illegal immigrants. They are not asylum seekers which is in reality nothing more than PC language to allow these illegals to settle here.

3. It looks like the PNG solution is going to end up being a bust.

4. Are those genuine Louis Vitton bags being carried by the illegal immigrants?

5. Guess who got caught sexting again.  It seems that his torso was recognized and now Huma Abedin has to come to the rescue of her perverted husband again.


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