How Can We Know?

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Knowing.Writing about the George Zimmerman case, I’ve seen many people of good will write: “we’ll never know what happened in this case, but…”.  In the most technical, hair-splitting sense, they’re correct.  But in consideration of daily reality, they’re not, and understanding the distinction is at once instinctive and vital.

After all, what’s our standard for knowing anything?  Is there a more or less universal standard, or are our standards situational?  Will we accept one standard of proof from our friends, but expect more–or less–of co-workers or strangers?  At one time, Walter Cronkite was “the most trusted man in America,” but now we know he often lied in the furtherance of a leftist narrative.  Few Americans actually believe what the legacy media tells them, yet most Americans are also able–if they take the time to think clearly–to tell when that same media can be trusted.  That’s certainly a situational matter…

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