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I am glad that I had finished my drink of coffee prior to reading this article. Climate Change scaremongering has reached a new low but in this case the result is hilarious thanks to Mike McDaniel’s finely tuned sense of humour.
Now please tell me has anyone seen a dildo recently? ROFL

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Alternate Headline:  Dildos Hunted to Extinction: Women, Silicon Manufacturers Hardest Hit 

I’ll let you imagine your own graphics for this one…      

There are some stories you just can’t make up.  Take a moment to read what CNN International host, Jonathan Mann had to sayin response to the usual greenie tripe, via

“… Jonathan Mann undermined the point he was trying to make about climate change a bit when he offered up this particular example of previous ‘man-made extinctions:

We hunted the dildo into extinction.

Speaking to a guest about a study that says many animal species won’t have time to adapt to a rapidly warming planet, Mann said,

Now extinctions, I don’t have to tell you, have been a part of the history of the world for millennia. And man-made extinctions have even happened before.

I guess we hunted the dildo into extinction,’ he let…

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One response to “The Most Trusted Name In News…

  1. To get the ball rolling in this subject, I give permission to be a little bit on the ribald side. The error that was made lends itself to some hilarity.

    I did not know that the dildo was extinct!! I am wondering how the dildo was hunted and by whom.

    Now if the dildo is indeed dead, then I can only think that someone forgot to change the batteries. If it is extinct… then perhaps the person left the old batteries in too long and they leaked everywhere thus rendering the device “extinct”.

    Oh the humanity of such an error !!