The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 37.2: Perjury and Malicious Prosecution

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The perjury prosecution of Shellie Zimmerman is a mirror image of the prosecution of George Zimmerman.  In both cases, there was insufficient evidence to bring a charge, to say nothing of sustaining it.  In both cases arrogant and overzealous prosecutors filed affidavits that failed to address the essential elements of the charges, and that failed to provide any evidence even approaching the establishment of probable cause.  And in both cases, the prosecutors appeared to care nothing for the actual language of the statutes under which they brought charges; they seem to believe that whatever they think the statutes ought to say is what matters rather than what the legislature wrote.  In the George Zimmerman prosecution, they were proved wrong.  If justice holds in Florida, they’ll be proved wrong in the Shellie Zimmerman prosecution as well.

MOTIVE: Consider that the special prosecutors did not have to file this charge.  The local…

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