A word game – bullying, another name for…

Bullying is something that is experienced in all walks of life. It is experienced in the home, at work, at school etc. and bullying has consequences.

I have just been in a discussion on this subject, because there is a move afoot in Australia to perhaps look at pushing school bullies through the court system. As one who has been victimised as a result of bullying I remain conflicted as to whether this is the right course of action. Instead of discussing this move, I want to play a word game, because the word bully is in fact a very negative word.  The purpose of the word game is to shine a light upon one of the most negative aspects of our human condition, as well as pointing out the origin of some of those negative influences upon today’s troubled youth.

Bullying is synonymous with:


Similar words are:

  • cow
  • browbeat
  • daunt
  • scare
  • frighten
  • threaten

Hey this word association game is a lot of fun. Look at all of those negative words!!

What does this word conjure up?


 ( I refuse to use Wikpedia on this subject because it is full of error and I found this alternate and more factual source of information).

The history of the KKK is an extremely good example of how intimidation tactics are applied in order to achieve an outcome.  I will simply note here that the KKK was founded by members of the Democratic Party, which is a fact that is being obfuscated. However, this is not the only form of intimidation associated with party politics.

Union Movement and Employer organizations.

The union movement has its beginnings in England. Some of its earliest history includes the Tolpuddle Martyrs. Today we accept that people have the right to organize as a group within the workplace. What I want to point out here is that the intimidation goes both ways. Employers use lockouts as an intimidation tactic. Union bosses use strikes, boycotts and other intimidatory tactics in order to score points against the bosses.

Union and employer intimidation is something that we experience frequently in every day life. The union does this by making demands upon the employer with threats to withdraw labour if their demands are not met. Employers who are so inclined will often retaliate and up the ante by threatening a lockout. Very rarely do they go to the next step and do the actual lockout, as in the case of the recent QANTAS lockout (a disgraceful situation in Australian politics).

Occupy Wall Street

They do not know what they actually want but they are against Capitalism because they are Marxists. They like mayhem.

There are many outfits just like Occupy Wall Street, and they have their political counterparts including:

The Green Party



Can you see what I mean about the conjuring up of the negative images. These are very real images that invade our daily lives.

Bullying has become a part of our lives and to such an extent that we are often not engaged when young people are simply following the example of the adults in their households. Let me give some examples:

1. Child in home is subjected to bullying from older brother and sisters. In this example the abuse is mostly verbal and only sometimes does it actually get physical. A lot depends upon the tactics being used by each party. One party will use the winning tactics and persist in using those tactics over time.  Teasing is bullying but is not often recognized as such. There might be other forms of physical intimidation that is experience. A victim who is weak will react to the tactics being used by simply crying. Some stronger individuals might in fact shrug it off, but then they are not the ones who usually end up being vulnerable as the result of such bullying.

2. Within the school environment: the bullying is often similar to what takes place in the home. The difference between what I experienced when I was growing up, and what happens now, boils down to the type of communications which we use. A vulnerable individual within this environment might think that he or she has very little choice. One reaction to the bullying was seen in the video of Casey when he finally reacted and sent a bully flying. Not everyone has the capability of reacting in this way. Many end up with depression that lasts for years and years, as well as a loss of confidence.

(to be continued)


2 responses to “A word game – bullying, another name for…

  1. I can only handle so many issues at one time but I admire you for tackling this one.


    • it is a word association game. The point I want to reach is about throwing tantrums.

      What I am looking for in particular are the influences that cause people to want to bully.

      I have given some hints by using all of those negative names. It is all about intimidation. We hear so much about how men intimidate women, yet women do a lot of the intimidating.

      I have not even touched upon the things that I witnessed in the workplace, especially sanctioned bullying. In the school environment it is teachers who have been setting a poor example to the students with their bullying. As a student I experienced some of that bullying from a teacher.

      Where do I want to go with this? Well I want to swing back to the behaviours of Sharption, Jackson and Nasty Natalie as well as a few others because they were using bully tactics against George Zimmerman.

      The other point I want to make is about transference. The people who are crying “poor me” happen to be the ones who are used to being the bully boys. This is getting back to gangs and gang violence. I am not even touching upon a slew of issues associated with bullies in a variety of settings.

      There is a reason that I have mentioned OWS as well as the Green Party and Marxists but I repeat myself. These are the ones who constantly apply bully boy tactics but do it back to them and watch a pig scream as though it has been stuck by a pin.