The word game – are you ready for some more?

In pt 1 of the word game, I started to highlight the very negative word called “bullying”. I then showed how this word is associated with other very negative words, and yes even some negative associations and groups. In this part I want to extend the word association to show how people use intimidation and bullying to get their way.


Children learn at a very young age how to manipulate their parents, starting with the yelling, kicking and screaming that is part of life when dealing with a baby going through the terrible 2’s right up until they are about 4 or 5 years old. Unless a child is disciplined then this period of life can actually define the child in later life. Parents who give in to such baby terrorism are asking for trouble from that child as he or she matures. Give the child its own way all the time then that child learns that tantrums will win rewards. However, there is a fine balance because constantly withdrawing rewards can also have a very negative impact upon the growing maturity of the individual. Loving discipline, that is not going overboard yet being firm is the best solution to bringing up baby.

Sibling Rivalry

I am the youngest of 4 children. I was also the brighest of the 4. As I look back on my own childhood it is not hard to tell that my late sister was extremely jealous of me because I was the one who got the good marks in school. That, of course was not the only reason for the bullying that I received at the hands of my brother and sisters (it was mostly my late sister and my brother who were the bullies). This form of bullying is what happens within family life. Did it impact upon my life? YES!!  I do in fact continue to suffer a lack of confidence, something that seems to stem from this period in my life.

The point to be made here about Sibling Rivalry is that it is a part of family life and yes it can be harmful. If parents do nothing to stop the rivalry, and do in fact encourage such rivalry, then they only have themselves to blame when there are consequences in regard to that rivalry.

One question I have: Is there a link between sibling rivalry and school bullying? I am thinking more along the lines of the bullies in the home are also the bullies at school. This is a random thought and I have nothing to support my question.

(to be continued)

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