Did Corey Johnson Die In Custody ? (Trayvon’s Button Hero) Newly Discovered Mug Shot/Booking Data

More information about the relatives of $ybrina Fulton are coming to light. What a family!!
It looks like Corey Johnson might have died in prison, or he might have died not long after he was booked for illegal possession of drugs and possession of a firearm.
Now have a deep think about the last activities of Trayvon Martin because there is a repetitive pattern in this story.
I do not know if Johnson died in jail. He could have just as easily died from a drug overdose. What is clear though, is that Corey Johnson meant something to Trayvon Martin and that Trayvon Martin was emulating Corey Johnson.
This would have been known by Traydemom and Traydedad, meaning that they were hiding all of this criminal background that casts a very different slant on the whole story.

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