TrayMom™ Blames Stand Your Ground Law For Son’s Death…

Good points are raised. SYG was not applicable in this case. It was a self-defense case.
TM was the aggressor and that is clear from the evidence. Please note comments from Chip Bennett

One response to “TrayMom™ Blames Stand Your Ground Law For Son’s Death…

  1. I think that it is hilarious that Traydemom is against SYG. My reason for thinking this way is due to the person who was on the button that Traydemark was wearing the night that he died. That person’s name is Corey Johnson.

    Corey Johnson is a relative of Sybrina Fulton. He was yet another gang member but that is not the reason that I mention him. My reason is that Corey Johnson’s father, Archie Johnson shot another man to death. He was found guilty of murder in the second degree.

    This is why it is so funny that $ybrina Fulton is doing the talking points when her own family member in the benefited from that same law.

    Ah the hypocrisy of these people is astounding, especially when they see $$$$$