More on bullying – in the workplace

I was just at another site relating to Australian politics, and was looking at a video. The points being made by the person who made the YouTube clip about certain politicians condoning workplace bullying struck a very strong chord within me. I have been a victim of workplace bullying but this is not about my own personal experience. It involves other people and their stories need to be told because of the lessons that we can learn.

The first story is about Bob Kernohan. Now I do not know Bob K personally, but I do think that he is an honest man. Bob K. used to be a union official in the Australian Worker’s Union (AWU) and he was a witness to certain events that occurred more than 17 years ago involving our former Prime Minister Juliar Gillard (yes she is a damn liar). Bob came foreward and told his story about what he had seen in regard to a matter involving Bruce Wilson the former lover of Gillard. The point here is that Bob Kernohan was told to shut up by another person, Bill Shorten, and when Bob Kernohan did not shut up, he was bashed by thugs. There is a lot more to Bob’s story, especially because he had to battle for 9 years to get his entitlements. Now I might not agree with Bob’s actual union politics but that is ok too. You see, Bob is an outstanding and honest citizen. He knew how to use union tactics, especially in relation to his beloved footy team Footscray (Western Bulldogs for AFL). It is Bob’s uprightness that is the standout. He has suffered, but hopefully he is closer to seeing justice being done. (One day the whole story will be told, but at the moment it is a work in process, and the police are investigating).

My second story involves a former workplace and there were several people who were victimized. I am not the victim in this story, but I was a witness to their victimization and there was nothing I could do about what was happening. The same manager did victimize me and I fought back as well as I was able, even when I was crying a lot of the time.  This story needs to be told because it shows the lengths that management will go to bully people. This incident occurred in the Australian Public Service. The Department where I was employed at the time was undergoing a lot of changes. There were a lot of redundancies. Some people volunteered for redundancy but others were not willing to leave. This is where the victimization began. In one case involving a man who had been in charge of the registry, he was removed from that position and placed into coventry. I have no idea what he did that was so wrong but I was told that he did not have the ability to adapt to change. The man had not been willing to take a redundancy and so he was moved to an area where he was alone all day. I was moved to the same area and I was told not to talk to the man. I got into trouble for talking to him. The victimization of the man was intentional because the tactic was being used to force him to make the decision to quit. Another woman did something that was wrong, but it was only that she made mistakes. This woman was forced to leave her registry job and was moved to another location with the intention to force her to apply for a redundancy. In another case, involving a friend of mine who worked in another area, I overheard a conversation that indicated that a plot was being hatched. The story about my friend is complicated and she had been victimized in a previous workplace where she lost her job when it was advertised so that someone outside the Public Service applied and won the job, leaving her without a job (which was deliberate and part of the victimization). Another person offered her a job that meant she came under the same female manager. The woman’s former manager and this female manager were having a conversation when I overheard what was being said. I warned my friend about what had taken place. Eventually she managed to find a job elsewhere and she had better future propspects after she left the department and the victimisation behind her.  The female manager was extremely vindictive. Once she had a set against someone she did everything possible to force that person to leave.

In my own situation, there were too many things to remember all of the victimization but there are some standouts. This woman had another female lieutenant who would do her bidding. A new round of redundancies were being offered. The female lieutenant went out of her way to ensure that she gave me the notice that was going around. Needless to say, I tore it up in her face, and told her I was not interested.  After that point the actual victimisation escalated and yes the female manager did attempt to isolate me.

In another workplace where a female had been harassing me, there was a similar incident and situation. The female who had done the harassing was made redundant. It had nothing to do with me, but she was so poisonous that she was telling lies about me. I noticed the change after I came back after attending my father’s funeral and the people who were part of the unit where I was working refused to talk to me. The whole thing was extremely obvious and yes I went downhill when it came to not being able to cope with what was going on.  I was able to spot what they were doing to me and it was so ridiculous that they took that person’s side, especially when the female in question was in fact a total bitch and others had run-ins with her prior to my own entanglement. The workplace was trying to get rid of her when I made my complaint about what she had done that had upset me so much.  However, she is typical of how bullies behave.

In another instance, I tried to reach out to a woman who was being bullied by another woman who was a supervisor. I did not intervene or anything, but when I was let go from the temporary role, I was told some nonsense about office politcs. It was bullshit and I have never forgotten the lesson that bully managers will do devious things and tell lies about others to cover up their own inadequacies.

Bullies use very unfair tactics, and you might wonder about where I am taking all of this. The answer if you have not guess is: NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Ben Jealous, Al Sharpton, Barry Soetoro… and for good measure NBPP, Jeremiah Wright, Nation of Islam as well as Liberation Theology… and if that is not enough then Marxism, Occupy Wall Street, Green Movement Van Jones, ACORN womens’ liberation and the Anti-Vietnam Moritorium movement.  Bullies like to get their own way. If they cannot get their own way they stir up trouble. The past continues to repeat itself on many levels.

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